6 Fantastic Things Winter Means for Women

My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of dismayed people absolutely gutted that the weather has turned and it’s now basically freezing. Do we dare turn the heating on? When have we got to start the dreaded Christmas shopping? How on earth can you motivate yourself to get out of bed on a Monday morning when it’s pitch black? 
Fear not! I present to you six reasons to rejoice that winter is on it’s way…
1) Not having to shave 

Bye bye short sleeve vests and cropped trousers. Now that the temperature has plummeted you will no longer face the dilemma of either getting your bingo wings out or melting on a hot summer day. Big thick jumpers and thermal long johns (do people still wear these?) also means you don’t need to shave your legs or armpits. Or anywhere else you feel you need to..!
A bit of winter fuzz will also provide extra warmth on those extra cold mornings. Looking like Chewbacca is also an excellent husband repellent so you can go to sleep safe in your fleecy onesie without the fear of a randy husband trying to “snuggle” (disclaimer – if you get divorced with reasons citing “unacceptable amounts of body hair and lack of sex” please don’t blame me. Thanks) 
2) Not washing your hair as it’ll “only get rained on”
I’m such a minger but there are days where I simply cannot be bothered to wash my hair and on these days – I pray for rain. Good news is that winter is littered with rubbish weather so you can blame your dodgy do on the rain/hail/gale force winds and no one question it or know that you’re just super lazy woo HOO!!
3) Blame getting fat on your extra warm layers

My winter wardrobe is the perfect cover up. Nothing clings to the lumps and bumps and a baggy “warm” jumper will hide a multitude of sins. So this means eat to your hearts content and it’s too dark to venture out to the gym (hahaha like I ever do!)
Tis the season to be jolly and all that – October and November counts in this season of goodwill too so let’s crack open another box of celebrations and hide under that swamp-like tent coat. Bonus. 
4) WINTER BOOTS! For you and your toddler 
I have a slight obsession with winter boots. The first sniff of a chilly day and I’m there rocking them thinking I’m Kate Moss. I know that this cold snap means more eating (see above) and also shopping (see below) to be uber fashionable. 
Every year I convince my husband I need a new pair that will last through the winter and next year. He always forgets the next year of your promise so my obsession with boots only grows, God love him. This year I snared the most amazing pair from Office in their end of summer sale and I love them soooo much. Trouble being as they’re tan when it was peeing it down yesterday I didn’t want to wear them for fear of getting them ruined. So clearly another pair will be required for this purpose. 
I am also very excited that it’s the first year I get to buy P1 and P2 boots. This could be lethal…
5) Blaming parcels coming through the letterbox on Christmas presents and NOT your sixth new jumper this week

Perfect. I can get that extra pair of boots and he will never know! Start early (shopping for you obvs) and look organised. He will never remember on Christmas morning all those deliveries you screamed DON’T OPEN leading him to believe you’d treated him. So go wild. And get them delivered when he’s at work
6) Staying in your PJs and lay on the sofa all day guilt free
When the sun is shining I feel obliged to go out and do stuff. Now? No no no. Only crazy people go out in the rain and cold. So whack on the heating, don’t get dressed, grab a blanket and press play on your favourite Disney DVD. No one will say you’re a bad Mother for doing this. Unless you forget to send them to school or give them lunch. That’s pretty bad. 
See? You may be feeling a bit down and getting a touch of SAD but fear not. It’ll all be OK. Now go grab your DVD, tin of quality streets and start ordering online. It’s OK- ITS WINTER!!!
B x


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