Word Of The Week 12/9/14

Our word this week:

I took the plunge and decided at last minute to go to a toddler group which I used to take my eldest too. I pretty much have up groups back in April. The girls were just 10 months old and whilst we had mastered crawling and standing, walking way a way off. 

With the summer holidays and a 5 year old in tow again we couldn’t go to any so it was a spur of the moment “shall we” and off we went. And I survived!

Have to admit there were a few hairy moments outside with the girls at opposite ends of the area; each trying to climb onto either a seesaw or a rather large bike with the rather unforgiving concrete ground, but as it was a toddler group everyone was in the same boat (albeit a one child less boat) and there were two helpers that were definitely put through their paces and earned their wage!

Interestingly, the girls both were absolutely amazed and spent a good chunk of their time fighting over a pram. We don’t have many “girly” toys at home so it was a bit of a surprise to see them both head straight for the pram with dolls in. 

It seemed a nice group with lots going on. Not too many there either and they all had milk and snacks. The handiest part of it all was the fact it’s right next to school so we missed out the chaos of the school run. Big thumbs up from me! (Note to self – take spare clothes. They have water play areas!!!)

It’s making me wonder if I should look at other groups. My best friend had a 10 week old so it’d be nice to go to groups together. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself – I’ve only survived one group but here’s me thinking of branching out. We will see. But it’s good to get out there and know it’s possible! 

I’m also really grateful this week for my group of friends that I’ve made at school. We are an eclectic bunch but they never fail to make me laugh and have a good old gossip with!

Hope you enjoyed my word of the week

B xx

The Reading Residence
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