Womb-Mates to Best Mates?

I remember when I was probably around 9 or 10 going through a phase where I really wanted to be a twin. Yes. Quite a ridiculous statement as I should have wanted this 10 years and 9 months earlier and, if I’m quite honest; the predominance of blame for me wanting to be a twin lays definitely at Tia and Tamera from Sister Sister door, as I was absolutely obsessed with that show. 

I recall playing in our playhouse with my childhood best mate who lived next door and talking about how cool it would be to swap places and confuse people. Also how you could share clothes and essentially how you’d always have someone over for a sleepover (something I was rarely allowed to do. Totally can see why my Mom was apprehensive now that I have kids!). Obviously, I knew then as I do now that was never ever ever a possibility. (And I’m pretty sure I don’t have a long lost twin out there) but for my girls – it is their life. And I am absolutely fascinated.
I have no first hand experience of twins. Well, a girl I was friends with at infant school had baby twin brothers but I can’t really think that I had much to do with them. And to answer one of the most asked questions a twin parent can ever be asked – no, there are no twins in my family. So my little ladies really are unique. 
The 10 year old me cannot wait until they grow up to see if they do switch places (although for identical twins I really don’t think they look identical) and manage to get away with it. 
I wonder if as a whole they will love being a twin. I mean there’s no greater bond is there? Once being the same egg is pretty something!

Womb-mates to best mates? I would like to think so. 
When two become oneeeee…..
Nope. Spice Girls and fertilisation do NOT mix.
I am sure there will be times where being a twin will seem like the biggest curse ever. Possibly followed by massive rebellions and extreme makeovers to ensure everyone knows they’re “individuals mannnn”. But despite it all, they do have a friend for life. I am now so close to my sister. We bickered as kids and still do now but I can’t imagine not having a sister to share everything with. Women undoubtedly have different bonds to men and granted, I don’t have a brother so I can’t honestly comment on the sibling relationship, I love having a woman who goes through the same things as you to talk to and share things with.
But back to my girls and how they are now; totally unaware that they all babies don’t come into the world with a ready made playmate. They already are learning to share and that when they scream, Mommy can’t always come running instantly as they have to share me. And always have – from a few days after conception actually! Only a third of all twins are identical so they have an extra special dimension to their twinning. I shouldn’t dream away their lives, but I quite often find myself wondering – will they have their own twin language? Will they want to dress the same? Will they want to be in the same class? How will the dynamics change over time? Already P1 was the smallest born and now 3lbs heavier. 
I for once cannot (yet I SO CAN WAIT, MR TIME) wait to find out. It’s going to be an exhilarating, crazy journey. But for me, the hub and Charlie it’s going to be an awesome one. (And hopefully not too confusing if they do manage to crack this swapping over malarkey!!)
B xx
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