The Tooth Fairy

Saturday was a big moment for us here – Charlie lost his first baby tooth!!

It is rather ironic that at the same time he is losing his, we are willing the girls last few teeth to pop through! But yes after a week of very wobbly teeth, we are now left with a rather fetching gap in the middle at the bottom and a very very proud boy. Sadly for him, he’s inherited my crooked tooth at the bottom so the gap somewhat now accentuates this!

As it was his first, the Tooth Fairy must have been feeling rather flush as she left him £2 in a rather familiar string wedding looking type bag *cough* but he was pleased as punch. I did ask on Twitter how much the going rate was and the general consensus was £1 – some tight beggar said 20p; you know who you are!!!!
It made me think back to the days when the Tooth Fairy used to visit me. Now, I don’t want any jealousy here but she used to write me letters!
Yes – ‘Mola’ (snort snort, a six year old me TOTALLY didn’t get the hilarity or irony of the name) used to always bring me a miniature sized letter along with a shiny coin. I know my Mom kept all of the letters somewhere (along with our old teeth – hahah grim yes. But I am so doing it too!) I will definitely have to dig them out at some point.
I used to take these little letters to school as my show and tell and quite bizarrely, no one ever used to ask why the Tooth Fairy only used to write them to me?
We have the dentist on Thursday and I think he will relish in telling the dentist all about the big occasion; and showing how he sticks his tongue through the big gap. 
That’s another milestone off the list. There doesn’t seem to be many left (bar the big obvious ones when he’s a lot older!) Can we stop time now please?!
B x

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