School – One Year On

Seeing so many posts and photos of children starting reception class has made me feel all nostalgic, and quite shocked, that it’s been a whole 12 months since we did it. 

Tomorrow Charlie goes back into year one. The first year where learning supersedes play and where homework will become a staple part of our home life. 

But thinking back to last September. Neither of us had a clue what to expect. Luckily he had gone to nursery at the school so already had a close circle of friends who he would be with. But as he pulled on his uniform he suddenly looked so grown up. My little boy has blossomed and was now starting his own journey. In the last 12 months, he has become his own person even more so than before. He has excelled more than I could have imagine especially in maths (not quite sure how with me!) but he has formed some lovely friendships and having one of the dinner ladies make a beeline for me to tell me how polite and well mannered he is made me so proud. 

Whilst they trot off to school leaning mascara stained Moms at the gates just remember – this is the adventure of a lifetime! Whilst you may have kissed goodbye to your impromptu duvet days or family holidays by the sea as and when – you’re trading it in for your child to start to achieve their full potential. To develop skills they will keep with them for the rest of their lives – not to mention have so much fun! I regularly hear how funny this was or how ace doing that was   

Today will be highly charged but it also will be a day you’ll never forget. It’ll fill you with tears but also pride. Your baby is taking his/her first steps into the world of independence. Enjoy… They’ll soon be at senior school!!!!!

B x

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