[Review] My Letter From Santa Claus

I know, I know. I have mentioned Christmas. But lets face it. We are now just in double figures until Santa descends. And if like me, Christmas is a rather busy hectic time then why not read on and tick one thing off your super organised super efficient list that you WILL sort in time this year. And what nicer thing to start with than the all important letter from Santa Claus.
As a kid, it was always an essential part of the Christmas build up – writing your list then getting a letter back from Santa. And we have been lucky enough to be sent a personalised one!
It comes in an authentic date stamped red envelope with a North Pole and reindeer stamp. On the back, there’s a rubber snowflake rubber seal – all special little added touches which make it all the more special.

Inside there is a personalised letter on lovely high quality parchment paper, again stamped like it really has come all the way from the North Pole. You can select different things to put into your own child’s letter. For Charlie, it was that he wants Lego, that his sisters want a pram and also that he enjoyed his holiday earlier in the year. All these personal additions make it feel all the more real and exciting for the kids – and reiterating that Santa really is watching you!
You also receive a ‘Nice List’ certificate as he has been well behaved this year. Your little ones will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and pin this up so that everyone knows they have been good. There is also a Santa Stop Here colouring picture that you can colour in and hang up on Christmas Eve.

I love the fact at how personal it all is. You can highlight the big achievements of the year and also add in special friends/siblings etc to include more people.
There are four different products available. We were lucky enough to to review the Premium letter which is £5.69 with free delivery. If you are wanting to personalise everything you can do this with the write your own Santa letter which is just £5.99 with free delivery. There is also a normal personalised option (£3.99 with free delivery) and an E-Letter which is available right up to Christmas Eve if you forget all about this blog post until then! which is £2.69)

Dispatch dates for printed and e-Letters for this year are (they are batch despatched)

  • 1st December

  • 8th December

  • 15th December

  • 17th December

  • 22nd December

  • 24th December
Printed letter orders placed after 16th December are not guaranteed for delivery before Christmas Day.
All in all, I am very impressed. I definitely think for the extra 30p I’d opt to write my own Santa letter. My boy will have just tuned 6 at Christmas and know he will love this as he understands it all and a generic letter with nothing relevant to him may not have the same effect that this will.
If you want to find out more, you can follow Mrs Claus on Twitter or like My Letter From Santa Claus on their Facebook page
Ho Ho Ho!
B x
We were sent the letter free of charge in exchange for this blog post. As always, all views are my honest and truthful opinion

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