Irrational Fears

As an adult and a Mother of three I feel I need to have a more mature attitude to life. When a little-y is scared of monsters under the bed or the bogey man I feel it’s my duty to step up and protect them. But secretly I have a few very irrational and quite frankly, rather bizarre phobias. 

1) Snakes
Ok this isn’t really that strange. I’ve tried to keep my cool when we go to a Playbarn that has all these animals. But I can’t. I just bloody can’t when that thing is taken out of its tank and the kids flock. I make a hasty retreat. And then refuse to go to the toilets there incase it’s there and pops up the bog  

Nb- I couldn’t even cope finding a picture of a snake for this blog. Even a cartoon one. That’s how ridiculous this phobia is!!

2) Tomatoes

They -freak- me the hell out. I always think if I dare touch one that they will pop open and the pips go in my mouth. Yes I’m crazy. I can’t eat anything tomato based either – which explains why I am such a bloody fussy eater as the amount of things that are tomato based… Yikes

3) Going upstairs at night time
I blame my sister for this one as she used to delight in traumatising me by doing the Undertaker from the WWF “donggggg” music when I was little. Leading me to hysterically start screaming that this undertaker was going to capture me. 
I’m a little less fictional nowadays and just think a murderer will run after me as soon as I turn my back on the stairs. MUCH more rational I think you will see 

4) Laminate/ wooden / hard floors
Anything that isn’t carpet basically. It instantly puts me on edge taking the girls anywhere with a hard flooring as I have visions of my girls going splat. So I simply cannot settle if I’m anywhere where they are. And try to leave as soon as possible. 

5) Wobbly teeth

Yes. Charlie and Lola know!

Last week Charlie had his first visit from the Tooth Fairy Fab! However, the time that preceded it was rather difficult I hate to admit. He wanted to show me how wobbling it was. Now, I didn’t think this would bother me in the slightest.. It’s not in my mouth so why should it but the first time he opened his mouth and showed me this thing wiggling back and forward – my stomach started to feel very very queasy! It took me back to my childhood and I remembered how much I HATED having wobbly teeth and when it’s hanging by that last thread used to annoy me so much. That coupled with the fear of swallowing it and the tooth fairy not paying out. You can imagine my delight when he’s announced the one next to it is also wobbly. It’s going to be a long few years. Then I have twins to go through it – so I can imagine for a few years straight one of them will be having wobbly teeth. I think I’ll be spending lots of time pretending I’m fine. And then running to lie down in a darkened room trying not to freak the hell out and pass on my ridiculous phobia at the same time. The poor kids. 
PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one with ridiculously irrational phobias? What are yours? (come on people – don’t make me feel like a mild lunatic!!) 

B xx
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