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With just 12 days left for my big boy to go back to school and into year one, I thought it was time I started getting a bit prepared. 
August just seems to have flown by so the fact there’s only 12 days left of the summer holidays has somewhat shocked me! I had bought C’s school bag right back at the start of the holidays from Matalan and is waterproof unlike last years – massive doh!! He needs a bag for his reading books and this year he will start bringing home spelling books too so he needs a satchel. His last satchel had no strap and Reception year has taught me – the less to hold this better!
There would be days when he would have to carry his lunchbag, water bottle, forest school kit and wellies in a carrier bag; he honestly looked like a packhorse! So this year I’ve tried to be ahead of the game! His bag has a strap so he can wear his everyday book bag. He also has to take a water bottle each day for drinks as and when he wants it. Again, this bottles filled a hand so I have finally found a lunchbag with combined bottle holder. He is a huge Star Wars fan & this kne was reduced from £12 to £9 in Sainsburys. Still a bit steep for a lunchbox but you got both which does the trick & he loves it!

I also went to get trousers & tops. I’m not overly fond of shirts on little ones – I associate them more with secondary school. I’d heard great things about Matalan & Morrisons so thought I’d try them. Sadly Morrisons only seemed to do white shirts & Matalan did age 6-7 then skipped to 8-9. C needs a 7-8 so we couldn’t get them from there!
We ended up back at Asda. We had trousers from there last year that are still in perfect condition but sadly a bit too short in the leg. So we got 2 pairs of trousers and 2 packs of 2 white polo tops all for a grand total of £14. Impressive!
I wasn’t sure about school shoes decided to bite the bullet and get him Clarks school shoes. They were £30 and have lots of growing room so fingers crossed they last! 
His PE shorts are still fine from last year and I got 2 white tshirts from Aldi at £1.75 for a pack of 2!
There’s just his embroidered jumpers to pick up next week but they’ve already been paid for. Debating whether to get a new coat as last years still fits but isn’t all that warm. There’s no immediate rush but Tesco seem to have some reasonably priced thick ones that I may look into. 
So there goes the summer eh? Last week is our last full one. No plans as of yet but my sister has the week off work so sure we will be doing something. 
I’ll leave you with a few pictures of our weeks purchases. First time linking up to #wotw Thanks for having me

B xx

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