When Your Two Worlds Collide

I’m not a huge Facebook fan. Over the years, it’s become too much about bragging and bitching for it to be actually fun. Anything you write on there will be sctrunised and people asking your parents about what you got up to pretty much kills the fun and care free nature of it all. 

However, I commited a massively faux pas earlier in the week – I published my blog link.

I would consider this blog to be semi-anonymous and very few people I know “in real life” know about it and read it. I don’t particularly like photos of myself, so they are kept to an absolute minimum; so sharing my personal thoughts is rather a no no. But I decided that I did not want ‘real life’ people to read my blog and know my innermost feelings and secrets. I didn’t want my posts to become the new statuses – and be reported back to everyone for a bit of salacious gossip if I have a slight mental breakdown in a post. (Fingers crossed none so far. Although twitter angry PMT fuelled rants are a different kettle of fish!)

For my blog is mine. Not even my husband has read it. Not because I have anything to hide but I don’t ever want to feel like I need to censor anything for fear of offending family or friends.

I have to admit that when I woke up and found a notification with a great big fat whopping LIKE from two friends I know on my blog post – my stomach dropped. How could I have been so silly to a) join an open blogging group and b) bloody post my link & leave it up for almost 12 hours without realising. (Quickly left that group – the git!) I was a bit gutted and felt really exposed. I mean only recently did I unlock my twitter. I locked it as I often browsed at work and didn’t want my employer knowing!! Plus how rare is it nowadays to have an open Facebook so I felt the same about twitter. 

But the damage is done now. My blog was leaked and I don’t know who saw it. So if you have found my blog from Facebook – hello. Let me know you have found it if you really want & then I will feel less weird!

Maybe in time I may share my blog with my Facebook friends and also extended family openly. But for now – keep it zipped!

B x
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