WANTED – clothing wish list

It’s no secret that I absolutely love shopping. I could always find something to buy – whether it be for me, the kids or the house. I love it!
I quite often sift through and note down items that I totally love so thought I’d share my latest wish list for the girls with you
The stores seem to be bringing in autumn/winter collections and I’m thrilled as I’ve stalked the summer collections to death!!
So left to right, top to bottom:
1) Zara quilted jacket £22.99. 
Now this is a little expensive and as I usually match my girls it does come off very expensive. I’m always dubious of leopard print; done can look incredibly tacky and on little girls especially it can look awful. But Zara clothes never usually cross the line and the cut of this jacket is AMAZING! Sadly, I think this will just remain in this wish list – unless it goes into the sale after Christmas!
2) Bird print cardigan, £9.99 H&M. 
I absolutely love H&M for kids. They always have a cute twist on most clothes and always funky and affordable. Cardigans are perfect for toddlers who tend to run around getting all hot and sweaty so it’s a good compromise. I love the little bird print on the front of these – just gives it a little something 
3) Floral top, £6.95, Gap. 
I am really impressed with the price of this from Gap. A lot is really expensive but this is an excellent price for such a pretty top. This would look lovely teamed with a denim skirt & tights. I will definitely be buying these for my girls. 
4) Pink spotty dress, £8 Asda.
It’s always useful to have dressy dresses and for the price this is perfect. Maybe a tad bright  as we are already in August but I’m a sucker for polka dot! Asda party dresses always are excellent value for the price too.
5) Floral pants, £8.95 Gap.
So pretty! And they look much thicker than leggings so perfect for the cooler weather. Again a good price for Gap & you know they’ll last well
6) Rose print jeggings, £5 Tesco.
I’m starting to realise there’s a lot of floral items in here but I do like to mix plain stuff with cute little patterns so these pink flowers look lovely and would go great with a plain pink or blue top. I’m a tad unsure about them being white – I’m quickly realising white and my daughters do not mix!!
Has anyone else seen any lovely items about – and which of the above is your favourite?
B x
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