Trendy Tot Thursday [7/8/14 #2]

This week I have chosen my favourite twin co-ordinated outfit for my girls.
The tops are from Matalan and were a pack of two – in the sale, obviously!! last Christmas and the leggings were a gift from Tesco. They are ages 0-12 and still come up a bit big. They are jodhpur style but feel so lovely on.
I felt very Valentines-esque with the girls in these but I love the peplum style. Too cute! To get the girls to stay still for long enough to take a photo is a miracle so apologies for lack of photos x

Charlie was rocking his H&M Julius the monkey long sleeve top. My husband said it looked like a girls top but I loved it regardless! Asda jeans are the best for him too as he’s so tall yet so skinny so the elasticated waists are perfect for him. This photo is rather dodgy & I even managed to cut his head off. Winner.

So there’s our favourite outfits of the week!!

B x

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