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With Charlie not being at school for six weeks, I did start to wonder if everything he’s learnt so far with school may come to a TV watching hazy end during the summer holidays. While I totally appreciate it’s the holidays and he needs a break from school, I also wanted to try to find a few activities that would not only interest him but also help him practising his writing and spellings.
So we came up with the idea of him creating a story. Very very simple yet he absolutely loved it! Being a huge Star Wars fan he decided to have his story about Charlie Vadar – and naturally Garfield had to feature in Stars Wars – of course who else?!

So we ended up with “Charlie Vadar and the Garfield Army” Charlie thought up the story whilst I wrote it down for him. We then transferred it to his book which he folded and he then drew the cover photo and we filled the pages with his (rather short initially!) story   He  really took some pride in his story and story book when holding it and turning the pages.  He did the drawings inside too along with numbering the pages and drawing a barcode which was his idea.

We had to do the story whilst the babies were sleeping – they have a tendency to flock to Charlie and somewhat maul him and whatever he’s doing! so it was nice to spend some one on one time with Charlie and him also learning in the process. He even was telling me about contents pages and blurbs! When he gets older, I can  encourage him to write out the story and all the words for himself.
If you’re stuck for something to do – why not let your little person be the star of their own homemade story and picture book? Simple, cheap and easy – and lots of scope for imagination and crafting!

B x

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