[REVIEW] Thea Skincare

I was lucky enough to be sent four Thea Skincare samples for me & my girls to try.

When the girls are involved I like to see what’s going into a product before I use it on them. I am quite lucky that none of my children have any real skin complaints (the odd patch of dry skin & sometimes temperamental P1) but I do try where possible to use mild products that aren’t harsh to their skin.

I tried out the Organic Aloe and Rosehip 2 in 1 baby wash, Jojoba baby shampoo and Top to Toe soothing lotion. I also tried the Hip, Thigh and Tummy Butter.

I must start by saying – I wish I had smell-o-blog. The products smell DELICIOUS! I am massively swayed by smells when buying products and I already was blown away by how lush it all smelt

2 in 1 Calming Bath and Baby Wash (RRP £8.95 200m) Green Parent Bronze, Natural Beauty Awards 2014

Organic Coconut and Lavender Soothing Top to Toe Baby Lotion (£8.95, 200ml) Green Parent Winner, Natural Beauty Awards 2013
Baby Shampoo with Jojoba Oil (RRP £8.85, 200ml) Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2014

The thigh and hip butter went on a little rough but my skin after being somewhat battered after two pregnancies felt a lot smoother. The product wasn’t greasy to the touch either. I hate products that you can’t put your clothes back on for hours after!!

As for the 2 in 1 wash – perfect. Very simple combined natural product. Smelt gorgeous and again left the girls skin feeling lovely. 
The shampoo caused no tears which is always good news – especially when you’re having to wash twins!!
The smoothing oil was my favourite. The coconut and lavender smells mixed together perfectly. Again left the girls skin very smooth and not greasy. This could be a lovely alternative when doing baby massage as it’s a light lotion that’s not sticky afterwards.
A lovely range of products that we were very lucky to test and lovely smelling babies! The price is a little higher than what I would normally pay but the ethos of Thea & this products they use ensure that baby is only getting the best
B x

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