[REVIEW] Annabel Karmel Quick And Easy Weaning

Ok. I’ve admitted in the past I’m really not that great at cooking, I always opt for quick and easy meals. However, the lovely people have sent me an Annabel Karmel Quick and Easy Weaning book. Even though my girls are now 13 months, the recipes in here are usually from 6 months onwards – meaning they can be adapted and the most from 9 months are perfectly suitable meals for my girls. I think the word weaning throws you and puts you off.

Anyway, the book itself is split into 4 categories – it outlines first tastes (mashed banana, apple purée etc) then moves onto after first tastes where the consistency starts to get a bit thicker and more foods are starting to be introduced. The third category is for 6-9 months and it’s here that proper meals start to come into force meaning you can use them for older babies and toddlers.
The last bulk of the book is for 9-12 months and these, along with many 6-9 is where you can start cooking for baby. I decided to try a tea & a pudding meal. We decided to have it as our main evening meal. I know – listen to me being organised!!
I chose the sticky meatballs and berry and yogurt ice lollies for dessert. Yes yes not all that adventurous but I am a beginner remember!!
The lollies were super easy to do. I heated blueberries, raspberries and strawberries in the pan until they had melted then hand blended them to ensure they were smooth. I then simply added blueberry yogurt. I chose not to add any extra sugar as I felt it wasn’t really necessary.
Poured into moulds and voila – how bloody simple! Here I am thinking I’m Delia Smith when in reality – that’s what us Moms want. Super quick and easy foods that don’t make you feel guilty for serving them to your kids.
Obviously these needed freezing so I had to do these the day before. Literally took about 5-10 minutes start to end. Fab. Charlie helped made them (and eat them) so despite being a baby weaning book – the whole family can enjoy them!
The meatballs were a bit different. Yes all you masterchefs are undoubtedly sniffing at my lack of culinary skills – I’m totally fine with that! I totally accept I’m not a supermom who can whip everything up and make it cuisine Michelin star-esque but me making my own meatballs is a big deal to me!!


I had a few humps before I started – no soy sauce, my breadcrumbs were more bread lumps  and only frozen mince but I improvised and it seemed to work. So I fried off the mince and clumped up my bread but they did resemble meatballs so that’s a winner in my book!


Whilst cooking them I made the “sticky” sauce to accompany it. As I had no soy sauce I used a spoon of mango chutney in its place for a bit of a kick and it worked!
Here are my end results


The girls seemed to enjoy them a lot. I served with pasta and some salad and P1 in particular loved them. She wasn’t too sure on the lollies as they were so cold but P2 got stuck right in


It was nice to give the girls a whole meal start to finish that I made and knew exactly what had gone into it. All whilst not taking forever to do. I froze half the batch and they had them a few days later – again a big success!
The book also gives handy meal planner ideas for the week. This could come in use when I try to meal planning for the week when I do my shopping online.
Annabel Karmel again has produced a fab simple (a necessity for me!) to follow book which can progress throughout the weaning stages. Even better, my friend has a 5 week old so it’ll be passed down the line for her.

B x
disclaimer – I was sent this book for the purposes of this review. All words, views and pictures are all my own

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