Rainy Days

Sorry to state the obvious – but summer for now appears to be well and truly a distant sun filled dream. The last few days the miserable grey skys and biblical proportionate rain has set it. Fed up of it already? Don’t be!!

Charlie and I inadvertently got caught in the worst rain shower I’ve seen for ages. We had just finished at a party and decided to walk home as my husband had taken the girls home for a sleep so thought there was no point in ringing fur a lift. 
We rarely walk places I hate to admit. We live at the top of numerous steep banks and with the pushchair which is 99% of the time with me – it’s a bit hard going! But it just being us it was going to be a nice stroll. The weather looked fine. My washing had been put out so it must have been half decent!
We got to the last big bank and the heavens absolutely well and truely opened. I was wearing a 3/4 blazer and dolly shoes. Luckily Charlie had opted for jeans not shorts but when the rain came – there was nowhere to hide. So instead – we embraced it!
We ran, we jumped, we splashed but more than anything we laughed. And laughed and LAUGHED! 
Rain was dripping from our faces, my blow dried and straightened hair was a sodden matted mess and make up streaming down my face but we just could not stop laughing! 
People driving past took a double glance and some even laughed along with our crazy antics. 
It may sound a rather bizarre thing to really enjoy but it was one of the best giggles we have had for a while. So why not go for a stroll in the rain – kids will love it and I think secretly you might! Well – what else is there to do in England except love the rain!!
B x

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