Overexposing Your Kids To Yourself?

The girls are quite simply obsessed with me. If I leave the room, they cry. When I walk across the room, they follow. Often when I’m just standing up, one will come and cling to my leg as if hugging me.

Whilst many may think it may seem too full on and a bit much I secretly love it. 
But my poor husband. He works away most weeks Monday to Friday so when he gets back the girls seem a tad disinterested in him after the initial excitement. And I feel awful for him. But I physically can’t force them to shower everyone else with this same level of affection I’m treated to. 
I am with them pretty much 24/7. When we go out for a meal  it’s usually after they’ve gone to bed and I’ll always be there when they wake up. I’m their total comfort blanket. I realise it won’t be forever and as they get older they will become far more independent but in contrast – can you overexpose yourself to your children?
I went back to work when Charlie was 1 & he stayed with my Mom. However at around the age just before 3 I started him at a private nursery doing 3 hours on a Monday and 3 hours on a Friday and it was the best thing we ever did. He was such a shy child and whilst he went to baby groups he still didn’t seem to want to mix with children so nursery was the best solution for this and I have no regrets. 
I wonder because the girls are twins and have each other the shyness will never be an issue. I will be looking to start them at nursery when they are 3 as I felt it was so beneficial to Charlie plus when he went to his school nursery, he made so many friends that he is now at school with thus making to nursery – school transition so easy
I do hope that being a stay at home mom doesn’t have a detrimental effect on the girls and they are lost if I’m not there. I’m sure it’s too early to tell so for now, I’ll treasure the love!!
B x

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