Dress Help!

Me & my husband have been invited to my old work colleagues 30th birthday. It’s the weekend before our 2nd wedding anniversary so it’s a nice way to combine a night out with a party. 
The invite dropped through the door yesterday with the line “dress to impress” and I froze. Dress to impress? I live in leggings and long baggy tops! After a slight panic I realise I have one trusty old friend to rely on – Little Mistress. 
It’s no secret that I adore this brand. I already own 4 of their beautiful dresses. This cream and blue knee length chiffon dress I wore the day after we got married and it’s just stunning. The middle panel also subtly hides my mummy tummy!

Then there’s my absolute favourite gold & cream dress that I wore on our honeymoon
However my thighs aren’t as toned as they once were so I don’t think I’d be brave enough to rock this one after having twins!
Then there’s my two maxi jewelled dresses. I wore one to my husbands cousins wedding in the peach and the navy I wore to our daughters christening. They are super flattering and hide all lumps and bumps whilst looking utterly gorgeous. They are definitely the more formal of the dresses 
Or do I use the occasion to sneakily buy a new dress? I absolutely LOVED browsing the website and seeing how much the brand has grown in the last few years. I remember when I bought my first blue dress no one had ever heard of Little Mistress. Now they’re available on ASOS & in New Look stores – even more tempting! 
I have fallen for these two:

The party is the end of September so I think I can still get away with lighter colours. 
What do you all think? Which is your favourite?
Let me know. I’m useless at deciding!!
B x
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