[Days Out] National Forest Adventure Farm

Last Thursday we were lucky enough to go and visit the National Forest Adventure Farm in Tatenhill, Burton on Trent. I had heard on our local radio about the farms attempt to break the World Record for scarecrow display but we had not visited the farm itself before. And it was the girls first ever time to a farm which was lovely as they get so excited seeing dogs when in the pushchair I thought this was going to be very exciting for them!
I went with my friend and fellow blogger Emma who blogs over at ReadyFreddieGo and her little boy. The farm is well signposted and we arrived to lots of parking and I have to admit, the farms we have visited in recent years always tend to look very dated. Not Adventure Farm, everything looked modern, clean, new and fresh. There was a HUGE indoor soft play with some pretty spectacular slides – one looking like it was vertical! The inner child in me was desperate to have a go but with my  14 month old twins in tow it wasn’t likely to happen.

The farm itself it very well sign posted and laid out. There are hourly tractor rides which are free and take you around the farm to see everything. We first opted to go and have a look at all the animals. They are indoors and after Charlie wanted to stand ‘milking’ the cow for a while, we went in. There are lots of animals including guinea pigs, chicks, cows, chipmunks and the CUTEST baby Tamworth pigs I’ve ever seen! We were very lucky that they were only a few weeks old but I could have stood watching them for ages; super super cute! P1 was fixated with watching the baby calves having their milk which you could go and help feed them with the staff. She was gripping onto the side and squeaking with excitement at being so close to them. There are many hand washing points as well so it was easy to keep clean after touching any animals.

From here, we walked past a huge chicken coup and saw the main man Mr Cockerel making himself known! We then went and saw all the Scarecrows. For £1 you can make your own (free if you take your own clothes!) and be part of the World Record Attempt. They are trying to beat the current record of scarecrows on display which stands at 3311! You get to stuff your own scarecrow and pick his outfit. There are rows and rows of them – as Emma said I wouldn’t want to walk through the field on Halloween with them all!!

At the back of the scarecrows there was more animals including goats, alpacas and pigs. The farm certainly isn’t short on animals which is good as a lot are sparse and it’s spot the animal!

There is also two Maize Mazes – a full one or a mini maze. The larger one from above is in the design of two scarecrows which, along with the World Record attempt, is to celebrate the new Julia Donaldson book “The Scarecrow Wedding” It looks pretty spectacular. Unfortunately the maze isn’t pushchair accessible so with 4 kids between two of us (one a babe in arms and two being wild twins) we weren’t able to actually go and do the full maze but we peeped inside the smaller one and it looked fab! I would definitely love to go back when the girls are steadier on their feet and complete it.

Charlie & Emma in the maze
Amazing view from above (Credit NF Adventure Farm)
There is a designated picnic area outside but we opted to go inside and again, the café area is huge! Lots of tables and chairs and a very diverse menu – something for everyone – hot and cold. Not the usual choice of sandwiches and cakes. The prices also were very reasonable (under £5 for a kids meal deal including a drink, sandwich and choice of items)

After lunch, we went to discover the rest of the farm – yep there was more! There was a vegetable garden with lots of crops growing which you could walk through and read about. There was also a barrel ride which you get a free voucher for on entry. Charlie loved having a ride round being pulled by the tractor and pretending to steer. Such an authentic touch keeping in feel with the whole rural outdoor theme.

Behind this was a large play area with something I’ve never seen before – a pillow trampoline! It was so much fun! I definitely disgraced myself a few time by slipping off and landing splat in the sand but Charlie and |I laughed our heads off bouncing. There was a smaller one too for under 8’s that he could go on his own and was a little less chaotic.

There was a larger play area – again, all the equipment looked in really good new condition. Charlie played for ages on it whilst the 3 smaller ones had a nap and we had an ice cream (not overpriced either which at places they usually are – Charlie’s was just 90p!) There is also a water area – we didn’t take any spare clothes so if you’re planning  visit – do! With it being the summer holidays, there was a whole host of animal demonstrations going on including egg collecting, pony grooming and you are even able to handle guinea pigs and the rabbits.

All in all a really lovely day! My only slight downside and bit of feedback I’d give would be that for smaller toddlers/children you can be somewhat limited in what you can do and I was a bit disappointed not to be able to do the maze however there was so much else to do it didn’t really matter.
I will definitely be visiting again NF Adventure Farm maybe when the girls are older – despite it being an hour away from us I really did enjoy it and with so many different things to do it easily fills a day. It’s definitely a farm that it being kept on top of not being neglected and it makes all the difference. I wish we had been able to utilise the huge soft play more but again, when the girls are older I think we would be able to.
If you are in the area I cannot recommend it enough. Peak time entry is £9.75 and there’s so much to do it’s worth a day however, this is a flat fee for over 2’s. I would possibly like to see a family ticket as with 3 children being able to save a bit of money is always something that swings an attraction for us. Saying that having been and enjoyed it so much I’d happily pay as we have paid more to go places and got a lot lot less for our money.


B x
disclaimer – we were given complimentary entry to the farm but all words and views in this review are my own.

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  1. alice lightning
    28th March 2015 / 12:50 am

    my word this place looks wonderful to visit I would love totake my family here to see the animals and have a great day out the scarecrows give you the willies though I think I,ve watched too many scary films

  2. Sharon Mclauchlan
    10th July 2015 / 6:48 pm

    looks fun

  3. Barbara Handley
    22nd August 2015 / 6:00 pm

    I was not aware of this place at all. I think they need to publicise it more as it sounds like a place my grandchildren would love. Might be worth a trip up to it next holiday.

  4. Laura Tovey
    25th November 2016 / 7:27 am

    Wow! Never heard of this place! Sounds great!