Bye Bye Baby-Zilla?

I just spent the last 50 minutes cleaning. Whilst this comes as quite a shock that I am actually cleaning, the real surprise came was that I did it whilst Once Born Every Minute was on.
OBEM is the one show that I will always be able to tell you when it starts, what day it’ll be on and probably previous parents on there. In short – I’m obsessed. Or should that be – was…?
Without a doubt – I am a babyzilla. I was your stereotypical girly girl; everywhere I went I would have my mass of dolls with me. My pink and green Disney pram was my absolute pride and joy and my tiny tears was never far away for me to cuddle. If someone we remotely knew had a baby I would beg my Mom to let us go and visit. I dreamt of being a Mommy with my own little babies and ironically one Christmas my Mom got me & my sister carrycots. My sister was not interested at all so I ended up with twins!!!
Even a few MONTHS after having Charlie, I still had such a baby bug. I’d walk into shops and see tiny little clothes and get so broody just looking at them. But now – the enthusiasm for babies has really stopped. Does the desire to always have babies just fizzle out? Or when my twins no longer seem like babies will it creep back? I don’t know.
I think it’s been such a  whirlwind and to go from having a 4 & a half year old about to start school to then having two tiny newborns – I may have overloaded on babies. My fix of babies has well and truly been met.. and then some. I am so lucky to have had 3 beautiful children and I had always wanted 3 & to be able to fulfil this I know that I really have been blessed.
Lots of friends, family and mainly strangers ask if we will have anymore and for now it’s a firm no. Who knows what the future holds but there’s a lot to be said about counting your blessings. I know I am very fortunate that another baby is always a possibility. especially when so many of my twitter friends are not in this position to have the option to just choose which is heartbreakingly sad, frustrating and cruel.
Whatever will be will be I guess; but for now I have my three musketeers – my eye bags and greying hair vouches for this!

Three is the magic number

B x

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