Twins, Multiples & More Week

As the title says it’s twins, multiples & more week. Despite knowing for almost 18 months and having them here for almost 13 months – I still cannot believe I have twins.

It’s hard work but quite honestly the most amazing experience you can have. Seeing how two little girls who are identical genetically are so different personality wise. How they have their own quirky little traits. Watching each day their bond start to grow and strengthen.
Having twins on occasions can make you feel like a minor celebrity! You rarely can go somewhere without someone stopping you and asking you all about them. Then there’s people who smile from afar or wave at them and tell me I’ve got my hands full and I’ve even people who stop and point like they have 3 heads!!
These two girls have certainly had a huge impact on our family and despite having almost doubled our family in size, resulted in us having to move house and buy a different car – they have brought so much happiness, laughter and love to our lives. If ever in the future we decided to have another baby – I’d love it to be twins again! It’s amazing to be part of a very elite club where there’s two (or three or maybe more!) of everyone and in twins, multiples and more week – hats off up all mamas pregnant with multiples, with newborn multiples, toddler multiples or grown up multiples – I think we all are doing a pretty awesome job!
Twins, Multiples & More Week
B x
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