Techno Kids?

I was walking Charlie to school last week and overheard the conversation of a group of 11 year olds who were due to go away on a school trip for a few days. One was gutted as they weren’t allowed to take their iphone and another had tried to sneak his ipad into the lining of his suitcase but his Mom caught him out. They’re 11. And seemed genuinely dumbfounded at the prospect of no technology for 3 days. 

Devils work?

It brought back me going away in year 6. The naughtinest you would risk doing may be sneaking some chocolate in to eat before bed and the biggest fear was being away from home for 3 days, not the fact I couldn’t post a zillion selfies on Facebook!
The more worrying is Charlie’s year. He’s only 5 yet quite a few of his friends have their own iPads, X boxes and playstations! I admit Charlie uses the free tablet we got with our washing machine but he goes through fads of wanting to play Angry Birds. Id never dream of buying him one and certainly not an iPad! And he doesn’t sit playing on a games console luckily – this is because I rarely let my husband plug it into the tv. Yes. I’m an evil wife.  

But If a 5 year old already has an iPad – where do you go from there? A book and a jigsaw just isn’t going to cut. How can you top it each year if that’s the standard that’s been set so young – what on earth are they going to expect when they’re teenagers? 

Then there’s mobile phones. Great idea to keep in ckntact with your child but if it’s not the latest apple model is that not sufficient? And what age is acceptable to have one?! My girls are one. And already are fascinated with my phone. Of course I don’t (knowingly or willingly!) let them play on it but with apps being marketed specifically at babies and even a bouncy baby chair with an attached iPad appearing all over the place it’s quite scary! 
I know that everything is now geared towards technology. His school are having all new touch screen computers in each class for them to use in groups and they are also becoming paperless as of September meaning you need the internet to access information about what they’re up to. I do realise that me sitting on twitter or blogging also reinforces how big of a part technology is and how my children view it. I have to say though – I just miss the days of paper, pens & playing out the front with your mates after school instead of being glued to a computer hand for hours on end. 
Where do you all stand on technology and your kids? I’d be interested to hear 
B x

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