It’s 1st July. This means Charlie finishes his first year of school this month. Yes repeat – FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL!

I can’t quite believe his reception year is drawing to a close and come September he will be in year 1. It’s amazing to see how much he has come on since left September – his writing, reading and especially maths has come on leaps and bounds and it still feels a tad surreal when he come home with spellings. My baby getting so big so quick!
To all those with little ones starting in September expect some big changes. 
1) they become ridiculously independent – they think they can take on the world & want to do everything themselves since they are big boys/girls being at school. This doesn’t however stretch to carrying their own bags. They’re regularly thrust at you at the end of the day whilst they run off to play. 
2) they pick up some “interesting” habits – for the first time you cannot manufacture friendships. You are not in charge anymore! Charlie has a vast array of friends. However there have been a few less than desirable traits come home including wanting an iPad like some kids have (!!!!!) to loud annoying minion noises. 
3) they get grumpy – very grumpy! It’s tough being with your mates for 6 hours a day with 3 breaks! No seriously their little brains go into overdrive and they first few & last weeks of every term they become grumpy little monsters. It’s good prep for teenagers I guess….!!
It’s a scary, exciting, surreal time them starting school but as a whole I quite like it all. There’s something lovely about waving them off of a morning and all the sports days, assemblies and school plays. Embrace it! It only happens once
B x
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