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Yes yes I know they’ve only just broken up and back to school is the last thing on your mind (or maybe your first if they’re driving you crackers..!) but I’m hoping to tap into the fountain of Mommy wealth. 
As it was Charlie’s first year of school and a complete novice in school shoe durability – I decided to get Charlie a cheap pair of Lee Cooper boot type shoes for school. I got them from Sports Direct and cost me £12. I decided that for this price – at the halfway point of the school term I’d buy him a new pair. 
Mainly because 
1) they’d probably be tatty by then (bingo)
2) He would be wanting a shoe not boot (sweaty stinking feet have been slightly aided)
3) His feet would probably have grown (pricey affair this growing up malarkey)
So in February I trundled back to Sports Direct and got a very similar pair but in a shoe with just the one strap as the last pair had thinner stripes and the leather had started to come away. They were about £13 if I remember rightly. 
After 6 months use

Summer term has destroyed this shoes. They all play on the grass and all the sole has started to come away and the fronts are all scuffed but they shine up well. But a lot of effort has to go into them!
I’m debating what to do come September – do I split the price of a pair of Clarks across the year like last year or do I splash out and keep my fingers crossed his feet don’t grow?
Has anyone got any tips or recommend any places for long lasting boy- proof shoes? 
B x
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  1. shoes
    8th November 2014 / 11:35 pm

    Hi, I read your blog like every week. Yourr humoristic style iss awesome, kwep up the good work!