[REVIEW] Avon Sprinkle Nails

Pink Confetti

July 2014
I love having pretty nails. The bolder the better is my motto. So after flicking through the Avon catalogue I spotted Sprinkle Nails and with a bargain price of £3 I ordered them as they looked cute

They come in a little black box (very similar to another large brand, hmmm!!) and the product is a small pot with a screw lid. Once you open the lid is the pot with a clear film over the top. And here’s where the fun starts…!

To get this plastic film lid off is a mission in itself. Once it finally comes off you are supposed then dunk your wet painted nail into the balls. Well, doing this result in about a quarter of the sprinkle balls going EVERYWHERE. I was thinking I was being a tad clumsy but no,I did it numerous times all with the same result. I even tried putting a few sprinkles directly on the plastic film lid (meaning you can get barely any coverage) but when trying to put any excess unused ones back in to the pot it again caused me to drop yet another load!
As for the product itself – Nightmare! The balls go on really thick and at the tip of my nail there was loads sticking out which I had to clear up and try to wipe off – which meant you had minuscule sprinkles all ocer your hands. 
After the nail varnish had dried – I lost a whole section on the side of my fingernail by a very very light touch checking if it was dry. Throughout the night balls just kept flaking off and any light rub or press against anything or picking something up they were coming away in clumps

Really disappointed in them & definitely won’t be trying the green & purple colours they stock
Final overall rating – 0!!!
Thumbs down for these useless nail decorations!! 
B x
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  1. 8th August 2015 / 5:06 pm

    This looks and sounds too messy for my liking, I’ll just stick with painting mine. Thanks for the post x