Nursery Graduations

This week my Facebook feed has been littered in the past few days of nursery children having “graduation ceremonies” Parents eager to upload photos of their little darlings in hats, gowns and scrolls whilst the child is looking a tad “rabbit in the headlights”

I have to admit that I’dnever ever heard of this before until I’ve seen these pictures on FB- I presume it’s an American tradition creeping over here. But the kids are being fully decked out in caps and gowns. I can’t decide if it’s  a sweet memory or really inappropriate? 
It’s nice for them to celebrate the end of their time at nursery but at the age of 4 (some still only 3) is it all a bit too much? When Charlie left nursery they had a party which all the parents were invited to and we clubbed together and took a tray of food in and had a picnic. And it was so lovely and just what the KIDS loved. Not the parents, the kids. 

With these glitzy OTT mini graduations complete with scrolls and speeches, are we setting the bar too high and everytime they come to the end of term and move on from a year are they going to expect a big fanfare? 
I have to admit its a bit bizarre seeing this tiny little child in a graduation cap and gown (which in quite a lot of nurseries the parents are expected to foot the bill and to buy these outfits!!) The children are none the wiser about the whole process but is it for them or more about the parents? 
I’m sure that looking back when they’re older they’ll think the photo is cute and nothing more but with the trend starting to spread is it going to start being the norm?
Where do you stand on the whole thing? Creepy or cute? Has your child had a nursery graduation? I’d love to hear all your thoughts! 
B x

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