Beautiful Simplicity

Last week there was glorious sunshine. The type that makes you feel so guilty that you’re stuck inside but the thought of dragging out and filling up the paddling pool for one nice day seems rather silly. So what to do….

I was faced with this guilt dilemma last week. The girls seemed to have cabin fever so after making up their dinner I decided to ring my dad and packed up their lunch and off we went to our local country park and ate it there. And it was the most lovely afternoon.
The local country park is literally 10 minutes down the rids and a place you know of but never think to go. It was just £1.50 to park all day and as we had our own lunch that’s all we spent!!!


It’s often places on your doorstep that you overlook in favour of grand days out spending money left right and centre, when in reality – kids really aren’t that fussed! Let their imaginations run wild. With the six weeks holidays round the corner I’m hoping we will have lots more lovely days so when everyone starts to get a little bit hyper we can shove out lunches in a bag and away we go


B x


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