We Have A Walker!

Last Wednesday, P2 decided that her record of 3 steps was about to get smashed when she literally stood up & walked across the room – much to Charlie and I’s disbelief!!

Since then she’s starting to get quicker and steadier on her feet but she’s still liking crawling as she realises that’s still the fastest mode of transport
This huge occasion prompted us to hit another milestone – shoes!!
As with Charlie (and also mine and my sister!) the only place to get their first pair would be Clarks. So off we went on Saturday and both girls had their feet measured & were so good at doing so – and much to our surprise they were both the exact same size – 3F!
We decided to get them pre-walkers as they were slightly softer and as P2 isn’t likely to be walking on her own outside very much just yet they seemed perfect.
I’m very much a twin Mom who likes to dress them the same so people were a bit shocked when I got them completely different styles! However I have to say less than a week later I’m regretting the cream & white colour – I’ll learn eh?!
So here they are – my dollies first shoes. So proud!!

B xx


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  1. Jackie Chapman
    23rd February 2015 / 10:17 pm

    They are so cute!