My Girls At One

So the 7th June was a huge milestone in all of our lives – my girls turned one! 

Quite how I don’t know. The past 365 days have gone by in a flash. I don’t ever remember time going so fast when Charlie was a baby – maybe it’s because life is doubly as fast! 

Given the events of the last couple of months, we had a low key day where close family and friends came over and despite rain of biblical proportions we had a BBQ. It was lovely and can’t believe how many presents they got!
 The afternoon brightened up so they were able to go to the park to play with their cousins. So yes – we have officially survived the first year!!
Is it just mr though that thinks saying you have a one year old sounds SO incredibly different and grown up to saying you have an “x” month old?! Soon be drawing their pensions eh??!!
B xx
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