InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath – REVIEW

I was lucky enough to be sent a complimentary bottle of InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath from the lovely folks @infacarebaby and it’s a winner with us!

It comes in a huge 750ml bottle which is perfect for me with my twins! The bottle is a squeezy one – again a winner with me who hates waiting to tip out the last dregs of the bubble bath when it’s nearing the end
The product itself smells absolutely gorgeous! I have quite a fussy nose so some bubble baths seem too extreme for me but this smells so good I could eat it!! (I won’t – obvs!!)
The bottle bubbles up really well giving longevity too as there’s nothing worse than after a couple of minutes they all evaporate. 
As for the girls – when they came out the bath again they smell good enough to eat but not overpoweringly so. I was pleasantly surprised that it left their skin feeling soft too. A mandatory (and inevitable) part of bath time when bathing twins together is splashing and I’m happy to report no sore stinging red eyes. 
I definitely think that we have had our heads turned and at £2.99 for a huge bottle why not?!
B xx
DISCLAIMER – whilst I was sent this complimentary bottle free of charge all views & words are my own and have been done specifically for my blog. Thank you. 
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