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With Mothers Day round the corner I wanted to blog about the most amazing lady in my life. The lady each day I try to be. Want to be. Want to bring my babies up like she did. My hero. My everything. My mom.

Where can I start.
So so many of my most wonderful previous happiest memories include her. There are too many to list here but each and everyone makes my heart smile. From being her little Fergie, to her slipping in cat sick, to sharing Charlie’s first steps, to choosing my wedding dress, to her being the first person I told that I was pregnant (sorry DH!), to our ridiculously silly jokes, to our Monkey World obsession…I could go on. All day and night!
My Mom gave up her job after having my big sister and for that I’m eternally grateful. Every single day after school she would either be waiting at the gate or waiting at home for me. She is the one who knows where everything is or what everything does. She can fix anything I break or tell me where to get something. She is the main part of my brain! Her always being there when you needed had a massive influence on my decision to opt for voluntary redundancy. I want my children to never have to miss out on things. I know I’m lucky that I don’t have to go back but for me it was so important she was there at every sports day or parents day. I was so lucky to have such a selfless mom
My mom and I have a very strong relationship. Strengthened undoubtedly by me having my three children. I am now able to see everything through her eyes and realise – yes – your mother is always right! It may take 15 years to realise but you do! I appreciate now so much more how hard it must have been with my Dad away so much & her family not local. She and Dad have offered and given so much support to me with my kids I honestly don’t know how I would have coped without them.
The one unique part of our bond is our ability to pretty much guess what the other is thinking or going to say. It’s like she’s MY twin & often wonder if I get a tiny glimpse of what my girls will be like. Whilst we are mother and daughter we would go shopping weekly, or go for dinner – much like friends. If I heard something she is always the first person I grab my phone to ring or text!
My mom looked after Charlie when I went back to work. She would walk to my house for 7.30am and not leave til 4.30pm most days yet she never once complained. She absolutely adored the time spent with her first Grandchild and I know he felt exactly the same. They have such a close bond that is so lovely for them both. People regularly (granted not so much ATM!) compliment Charlie on his excellent manners & I have to admit that is definitely down to my Mom & her influence on him. She even used to take him to two baby groups when I was at work and even got asked if he was hers – Much to her amusement!
We have shared so many milestones of Charlie’s first years together. And still text her a million times a day with random news snippets or bits of gossip.
Almost everyday I see my Mom. If I don’t see her we will definitely be texting. It doesn’t feel right not having spoken to her once a day
Last July has cast a huge grey cloud over our family. Things have changed in a way I never ever ever dreamt could nor wanted them to. But it has and sadly we have to deal with it. We are all ridiculously strong.
When I think about my Mom all I can think is – bloody hell. She really devoted her whole life to me & my sister. There was never any event that happened that she wasn’t there. Every athletic event, every football match, all of Charlie’s school plays. Everything. She has always been there for us all.
I can only hope that when I’m older and my three are grown up that if just one of them thinks of me even a fraction of the way I think and feel about my Mom, then I’d be utterly utterly thrilled and known I’ve succeeded at being an amazing parent.
Life is so unpredictable. Make the most of it and treasure those who are easily taken for granted. The small things seem so important nowadays. Remember that.
To my mom this Mother’s Day – it may not seem much. But thank you. Thank you for being my inspiration. Thank you for being my hero. Thank you for giving me everything and being our everything. For bringing me up in such an awesome way. And for being the most generous, loving, amazing granny to my babies. I will love you forever.


B x
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  1. Suzanne Howell
    27th March 2015 / 11:57 am

    Just had to reply, moved to tears by your writing about your mom. You are so lucky to have such a lovely mom. My own lovely mom passed away 8 months ago and I miss her so much. Time with your mom is precious and I can see that you appreciate your mom so she is lucky too. x