The Only Way Is Up

What a whirlwind 8&a half months we have had with our girls! Can’t believe they’ve been out as long as they were in. It has been such a brilliant ride, I just love seeing them grow together and their very individual personalities shining through.

We are really starting to experience the more challenging stage. When they were tiny everyone used to say how hard it must be with two newborns but I smiled and said the hard work will start when they’re on the move… Having had Charlie I knew what was to come!
So they have both been crawling since around 6 months. P2 was the first to get on the go and she absolutely flies round the floor. I can look away literally for seconds & she will be the opposite side of the room to where I left her. P2 is more cautious and takes stock of the situation before going off on the move but she too is picking up the pace following her sister.
P2 was also the first to stand up. She’s been pulling herself up from around 7 months. P1 has just started in the last couple of days and I have to admit – its scary!! I need to be in two places at once to catch any wobbly standers – it’s hard work I tell you!!
I have to share with you the most heartwarming moment from today. I had pushed their cot together for their nap and when I heard them moving about I went in and they’d both stood up to be almost touching noses, hands on the top of the bars gurgling to each other. It may be hard work but to see my girls like that makes me realise just how lucky I am to have two beautiful healthy babies
B x
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