Baby Led Weaning Twins

Baby led weaning twins – I know everyone thought I was crazy. I have to admit – I too was skeptical. The thought of two babies feeding themselves and choking absolutely petrified me. The thought of the time, mess & waste seemed like a complete headache I really didn’t need aside to our already completely manic days. I didn’t want to admit my babies were growing up and becoming people and that our little 4 hourly milk feeds was about to go totally out the window. So here we are at 8.5 months. And I’ve a confession.

I absolutely LOVE baby led weaning my twins! I love meal times. I   Love planning and preparing what the girls can have next and aside to sometimes lacking inspiration. I’m really enjoying seeing the girls feeding themselves. And furthermore can’t believe how they pretty much eat EVERYTHING!
I must admit I’m not 100% purist as I have and do spoon feed the girls some things such as potato, beans etc and in they earlier days even gave them puréed foods but I have yet to give them food from a jar or packet. Something I was convinced I’d end up resorting to when the thought of feeding two babies meant I’d be sat there for hours. But no. They’re pretty speedy eaters when hungry!
I’m not a great eater myself. I’m very fussy & it’s something I tried so hard not to pass on but sadly Charlie too is a faddy eater despite my attempts so everything crossed that the girls buck the trend and are good little munchers!!
B x
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  1. Susanne Remic
    22nd March 2014 / 6:36 am

    I only did BLW with my youngest- when my eldest was weaning I knew nothing about it and my son was weaned at 4 months due to health problems… my youngest just kind of went with it and I’d do it that way again for sure!
    x x