Weaning is underway!

Ill be the first to admit I was absolutely as dreading weaning as it was a sign my girls are growing up far too fast. However as they are now 7 months we are underway – I am just loving it!!

I had a bit of a panic after doing the age old reading a parent book & saw that they were saying by 7 months babies should be having 3 meals a day – I panicked. Then took to Twitter where I was reassured by lots of lovely tweeps and picked up the mantra of “food is for fun, until they are one”
I also got lots of great tips & food advice so armed with that knowledge and confidence I started to relax & have really started to enjoy it. And for identical twins these girls are far from it!!
P2 seems to love the sweeter foods – fruit especially plums are her favourite. Whereas P1 when we started (and up until a few days ago) was really not enjoying it. You’d only put something NEAR her mouth and she would be recoiling in horror with a twisted face. However after Sunday’s roast dinner, we seemed to have had a mini breakthrough & she’s more accepting to try foods but she is definitely more of a savoury fan.
With my son, BLW was not one of the buzz words so he was fed via a spoon! I am veering more towards a wholly BLW approach however I still feed them certain things on a spoon.
The more Tangier fruits seem to be preferred over your apple & banana. Weetabix (dry and wet) were also a massive favourite. This morning we have had cheese & spinach omelettes with kiwi, mango & melon slices to try afterwards
If anyone has any tips / recipes please let me know. We are wanting to try lots of new things & having fun doing so!!
There are lots of pictures of the girls munching on Instagram – add me
B x
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