Splitting Yourself In Two

Today was Charlie’s craft afternoon at school. It consisted of having lunch together then staying and making Christmas crafts. 

DH and I went along and the girls stayed with my parents. I made a conscious decision before the girls were born to ensure 1 on 1 time with Charlie especially when it came to school as he only started in September. We are very fortunate that we have lots of support and people that will babysit. Whilst I still find it hard to leave them I have three children and Charlie was on his own for four & a half years so to never get any Mommy time alone I thought wasn’t fair. 
However with that in mind – my head was stretched even further when another Mom ended up having to look after her boy & her friends boy. It was tiring to watch her trying to split herself in two to ensure both boys got her attention. It was rather eye opening and got me to thinking. How am I going to do this in the future?
How will I be able to give my girls equal amount of time? If I am an ounce more enthusiastic about ones picture than the other will they get the hump? Can I try to teach two 5 year olds to read whilst dealing with a rowdy 10 year old? Even worse can I deal with two 13 pubescent girls and an 18 year old?!
How do you do it? How do you devote your time equally? When they’re different ages I anticipate that because there’s such a gap that it’ll be somehow easier as you won’t be having to make two angels to go on the top of a tree at the same time!
Twin Mommys – help! Reassure me that as with everything so far, the thought is worse than the reality. 
I know I’m probably being dramatic but I know how much I adore the one on one with Charlie and how much time I dedicate to his school – I worry ill never be able to give the girls that individual time and will somehow end up doing them at the same time which, I’m sure, will get tedious for them and never allow them individual traits to come through? I know this literally is years off but it really resonated with me this afternoon. 
Again I appeal to twin mommas – reassurance – pleassssse?!?!
B x
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