One Year, Two Babies Later…

I woke up on Tuesday 11th December 2012 praying my little monkey in my belly was ok (not to mention feeling awful and so so poorly sick)

Dragged myself down to the hospital and lay across DH as we waited to be called into the scan room. When we were I apologised as I hadn’t got a full bladder as I could barely keep a sip of water down. They agreed to try to scan me so on the bed I hopped. 
Many people have asked if I knew I was having twins or any inkling – the truthful answer is NO. I thought in the back of my mind it was possibly a girl as the pregnancy was the total opposite to Charlie’s. 
Hearing the line “there’s baby. And there’s the other baby” will never ever ever ever seem real to me. That instant my heart grew bigger and my life changed in a way I never thought possible. Twins. TWINS!!
So I went to bed on Tuesday 11th December 2012 hugging my tummy knowing there were two monkeys in there. Two beautiful special little monkey chops who I still cannot believe are safe, well and MINE!! 
B x
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