The first 7 months of 2013 were life changingly amazing

After finding out on 11th December we were having two babies, in January 2013 we discovered we would be having a double pink bundle – cue mass pink buying! 
We previously lived in a 2 bed so on finding out double bubble we quickly had to look for a bigger house which we moved into in March. My husband also turned 30 in this month 🙂
April saw us buy a bigger car which is the most practical thing ever ever ever! But was sad to wave bye to my first ever brand new car!
Of course the highlight of the year was Friday 7th June when our two beautiful little ladies were born at 9.27 & 9.28am. I am eternally grateful that we had no complications or health problems and the girls have thrived ever since. I am also so proud how well Charlie has coped with it all. He’s truly a one in a million. He started school in September and again such an easy smooth transition 
My wish for 2014 is that my family is blessed with better health. When it comes down to it – you take your health for granted so so much and this year has taught me to treasure those close to you. 
Please be kind 2014. Please. 
Happy New Year all 
B x
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