Tesco Clubcard Exchange – bargain!

I only popped in Tesco to look for some Christmas plates with my Mom & ended up walking out laden with clothes and a whopping £30 off – just what a Mom wants 6 weeks before Christmas 

I’ve never done the Clubcard exchange so I annoyingly stood reading the signs of what to do but with £18 of vouchers stuffed at the back of my purse I let the moths fly free and took out £10 worth. This equalled to £20 to spent in clothing – and I loves free money!
Ended up buying everyone in the family stuff bar me but girls each had top & tutu set, DH had two tshirts and some loungey trousers & got Charlie boy two funky long sleeved tops
Then even better when I got to the till – spent over £50 and you get £10 off!! So a £64 shop weighed in at £34. 
Thank you Mr Tesco!
Ps- didn’t actually find the plates though. DOH!
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