School Dinners

We had a rather interesting letter come home on Friday afternoon stating that chocolate in children’s lunch boxes will be removed as they are not permitted at lunch time.

Now I know that the country thanks to Jamie Oliver has gone mad on healthy dinners for kids and I have to agree with the idea. No parent wants their kid to eat pure crap day in day out. But when it was there in black and white I’ve got to admit it annoyed me – and here’s why:
1) I don’t like to be dictated to as to what I can and can’t feed my children. As an adult with common sense I wish the school would trust my judgement as to striking a healthy balance. However I know that they need to be seen to taking a healthy approach – which is fine but they need to practise what the preach as
2) their hot meal menu doesn’t fall in line with the anti chocolate/anti junk regime. How is a cookie or an iced bun or even chocolate and orange sponge with chocolate sauce better than a small celebration chocolate that I’ve previously put in Charlie’s lunchbox?
When I was at school they had a trolley full of naughty treats that you could buy yourself not to mention being encouraged to bring a snack for first playtime which was always a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps. I know times have changed drastically and while (although he’d love it) Charlie doesn’t live on a diet of chocolate I don’t understand why chocolate would be removed from a child if the parents have chosen to give it to them
It’s Charlie’s birthday in two weeks and a boy from his class can’t make his party so we promised him a slice of birthday cake but I think we will have to do it under a cloak of secrecy so no one knows I’ve allowed a child to eat cake
In all seriousness, especially now as I’m coming to weaning my girls, I know the importance of healthy eating and trying to encourage children to pick up fruit instead of chocolate but the long and short of it is – most kids would go for naughty foods. As most adults would. And as long as there’s a careful balance – then why not? 
I know lots of you will say well you can always give him a treat after school – yes that’s fine but am I going to be criticised soon for giving him a smoothie or orange juice because of the high sugar content? I think in all honestly I’m just struggling with not being the one that 100% makes the decisions in respect of my baby and feel my control is slowly being removed. But as I say – I just wish the school would practise what they preach! 
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