Kids Parties

So Charlie boy will be 5 in December. Quite how I don’t know. Being 5 is quite a big milestone as he’s now in his first year of school. And with the first year of school brings another thing – bigger classes and of course, he wants a party! 

Charlie’s first birthday consisted of a cake he dribbled and drooled all over at my Parents house so many moons ago. His second birthday we blew up a few balloons, had close family down and he was able to do a bit more ripping. And sitting in the cardboard boxes. His third birthday fell on a weekend so we hired the tiny church hall and invited family and my friends kids over so all in all about 6 kids there and cost next to nothing but he loved it! His fourth birthday was spent with me vomiting so much I could barely move (twin pregnancy!!) 
This year though he seems to “get” his birthday a lot more. In the last 12 months having been at nursery and built up a strong little circle of friends slowly but surely every birthday is marked by a party so this year I thought it was time we had a proper party. Cue political correctness and cherry picking a select few. 
It was recently in the news that a head teacher banned party invites being handed out unless the whole class went. I can see the logic but even as kids (and DEFINITELY as adults) surely there are people you don’t want to be there at your party. Charlie may only have been at school a month but already he’s decided who he does and does not like (and BOY does he make it clear who he doesn’t!!!) so there’s no way he would let me invite his whole class. And if I’m honest, I wouldn’t be able to afford to as he has friends that don’t go to his school that need inviting plus cousins etc
So we have written the “exclusive guest list” and next week he will be giving the invites out in the playground before school. Surely no one can grumble at him if he’s handing them out…right?!?!?
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