Baby Clothes

 The girls tiny baby/newborn/0-3 gear was all packed up last week into a huge suitcase. I couldn’t even bear to start sorting through I just bundled it all into the case with a rather heavy heart. 

So it’s sat ready to go up the loft. To join the two vacuum bags and suitcase full of Charlie’s old stuff …!
I know, I know. I have massive attachment issues which is ridiculous but I can’t bear to throw them away! At least with all of Charlie’s old clothes I could use the excuse that we may need then again. I think that ship has well & truly sailed with 3 kiddies. 
So what to do with them? eBay can be a massive ball ache as you spend forever sorting them and taking pics to make £1!
Then there’s charity shops. My last experience has put me off for life as I stood like a lemon for god knows how long before being looked up and down and someone pointing to a corner to dump them. No gratitude just made to feel like an inconvenience or so won’t be rushing back in a hurry
Ideally I’d love to donate them to a refuge or children’s charity but struggling to find out how – if anyone could point me in the right direction that’d be fab!
B x
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