The Mystery of Twins

When I found out I was pregnant I was absolutely thrilled. We had only got married on 30th September so to find out on 24th October that I was pregnant was amazing and also meant – honeymoon baby!

With Charlie I’d had a very easy problem free pregnancy but from about a week after getting a BFP I started feeling rather nauseous. As the weeks went on it intensified making work rather interesting! Then the tiredness and sickness started. Big time. I secretly thought I may be having a little girl as it was the complete opposite of my first pregnancy. However this feeling so ill coincided with Kate Middleton being admitted to hospital so think at my booking in appointment the midwife thought I was jumping on the bandwagon
Anyway, the day after Charlie’s 4th birthday (which consisted of me running back from nursery to puke in the hedge at the bottom of the road -fit!) and then lay under a blanket as everyone sang happy birthday, was our 12 week scan.
How I dragged myself to hospital ill never know but I lay across the chair in the waiting room convinced I wouldn’t be able to be scanned as I needed a full bladder, and at that stage I was vomiting back a mouthful of water! Apologies as we went into scan room that I hadn’t drank and looked horrific but the sonographer and midwife were lovely as I lay down. Then it happened.
All our eyes fixed on the screen waiting to see our little baby when she started to hesitate and said the terrifying line “oh I thought that was the case” which put the fear of God into us but as my husband started to check if all ok she reassured us by saying “there’s baby” so we all sighed a huge sigh of relief. Only to be followed with… “And there’s the other”
Complete silence.
Then I started laughing. A lot. Hub started crying and asked them to check if there was only 2 to which I felt like I had floated out of my body and this was a dream. I can’t really recall much more except my nervous stunned disbelief laughing! We were only 11 weeks and was too early to do any more checks so I remember another scan being booked for 3 days after Christmas and the identical word being used due to one placenta and one membrane
We walked out of the scan room (armed with a scan summary and scan pics as i don’t  think we thought it was real!) straight to the doctors to get some anti sickness tablets on the midwives advice both in complete shock and there I made the biggest mistake ever. I went on google. Tip – NEVER type identical twins into google when you’re 11 weeks pregnant as it will traumatise you for the rest of your pregnancy – not to mention the birth!
I have to admit I had no prior knowledge about twins. I remember when I was 5 my friend at school had twin brothers andddd that was about it.
Now, call me crazy but I thought to have twins you either had to be a twin or have twins close in the family but noooo! I have since become a bit of a twin geek and our girls were classed as MC/DC twins which basically meant one placenta, two sacs and one membrane separating them thus being identical. And identical twins are when the egg splits and are a random occurrence – so there you go!
Our scan pics – just so we knew there really WAS two!
B x
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