When we had finally got over the shock of finding out we were having twins – my mind went into overload.

Our next scan on 28th December had confirmed they were identical so my husband caved – we could find out the gender! He had been dead set to not find out but once I pointed out how organised we needed to be and how much easier if we could prepare knowing their sex he soon came around. So we booked our scan for January. At 4pm. Meaning it was the longest day EVER! But we took Charlie with us utterly convinced it’d be two boys
I honestly would have put down thousands that it would have been boys. After having Charlie (convinced he was a girl!) in my head my future saw me with 3 boys (as I’d always said I wanted 3 if possible) so when they said there was a girl I almost passed out!
Whilst Charlie had initially wanted two brothers and I think I’d thought he would be happier with 2 boys, as soon as we put it to him he would never have to share his toys – he seemed thrilled!!
Two girls – in my head that meant one thing. PINK! I am a very girly girl so naturally that side of me went into overdrive
I feel so lucky that I have a boy to look after two girls and I get to experience both genders. It does make me chuckle the girls who haven’t got kids when we told them were all “omg that’s amazing I’d love that” yet people who do have daughters recoiled in horror…. Girls can’t be that bad – right?! Well I can honestly say we will have a baptism of fire. And the teenage years are certainly going to be entertaining! 
B x
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