Making New Friends

It’s no secret that I’m a bit, awkward shall we say, in social situations. I am pants at making small talk and with a hideous sarcastic tone (think David Brent style talking) it’s safe to say, most aren’t sure what to make of me. When I don’t know people, I can seem shy even a tad arrogant as I’m rubbish at eye contact and “making the first move” by initiating chat with strangers. Seriously, in a waiting room I’m a NIGHTMARE.
I’m pretty stuck in my ways as I’ve reached my 30s and a familiar routine is what I’ve been accustomed to – God I sound such an old fart! This week however, I threw caution to the wind and went on a “Mum date”

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Appreciation – The Ordinary Moments

The kids went back to school and nursery on Wednesday after what was a lovely Christmas. As nice as lazing in our PJS until gone midday and eating chocolate all day is, it is nice for some form of normality to resume.

When Wednesday rolled around, my husband announced he had a bonus day off which for him is really rare. As you may know, he works away during the week so any extra days are always really precious. I had planned a lovely afternoon in Ironbridge (we always love a trip here) after we had dropped the girls at nursery for a walk around the shops and some lunch, however I was poorly.

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Surprises – The Ordinary Moments

It was my birthday on Friday. After last years big milestone, this year was definitely a quiet one in comparison. In fact, I didn’t even see my husband on my birthday as he was doing a crazy job that involved working for 18 hours or something silly like that throughout the middle of the night.

I went for lunch with my sister and Dad on Friday which was really nice to spend time with them, but all in all a pretty low key birthday.

Birthdays in our house are usually a grand affair. I think it’s from when we were kids – birthdays were SUCH an exciting and big occasion (along with Christmas) so we seem to treat them the same with our children. It’s nice that one day of the year you really get spoiled – even Mommy and Daddy. 

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Taking a Photography Course

taking a photography course

Blogging can be as much about the visual as it is the words on the page. There are so many beautiful blogs that I adore reading as the photography draws me in and sends me off to a dreamy land; the lovely host Katie has the ability to do this and has become one of my favourite blogs not only to read but to aspire to.

My photography at times really lets me down. I snap away and get them loaded up on the computer only to feel somewhat disappointed with the results. I’m not a fan of over editing as I feel you lose touch with the photo itself and nothing feels real. I have had my DSLR around three and a half years. I wanted a decent camera for when the girls were born so following a big high street company going bump, my husband bagged us a lovely canon. That has pretty much been used on automatic mode ever since. 

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Home at 5pm – The Ordinary Moments

I’ve written many times about the fact my husband works away during the week. From bedtime until Sunday to tea time on a Friday, it’s just me and the kids. This is the way it’s pretty much always been and what we are used to, but it is hard. 

There are the rare occasions where he works local, but all of the summer he’s been away so when he said he was having the last week of August off, it felt such s relief. 

We went on holiday to Butlin’s during May half term and are off to Disneyland Paris in December, so we haven’t had a summer holiday as such. We will be having lots of days out next week so hoping the weather will be kind!

It was such a surprise on Thursday as we were sat at the table eating when suddenly the door burst open and Daddy was standing there! He had come home a day early so our week off was made even more special!

Him being home at 5pm always seems such a novelty. It means if I need to pop out to the shop I can without it being a military operation, and also an extra pair of hands at bath and bedtime making it that little bit easier. There are times when I would absolutely love him to have a 9-5 job so that we could all eat together and the relentless solo parenting wouldn’t seem so daunting, so lonely, so hard. But I know that him working away so much, means that I can stay at home and look after our children. I know that being a stay at home parent really is a luxury and one that most aren’t able to do. The only way to be able to afford everything is for him to work away so much. I am so grateful that we are in such a lucky position but I do love having him home of an evening, as are the kids. 

B xx

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