Hopes and Wishes

A dream is a wish your heart makes said Cinderella and she was right! It’s nice to have big dreams that you can aspire to isn’t it? I often find myself day dreaming about grand holidays and being on beaches – a lot! The lovely Being Tilly’s Mummy tagged me to write down my wishes for the forthcoming year and I have had lots of fun making them. Here goes;

hopes and wishes
Family Wishes

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2016 Bucket List – Revisited

I thought I would revisit the annual bucket list I made last December. I have done one for the forthcoming here which you can read my 2017 goals here.
So, 2016 – how did I get on?

  • Renovate our bathroom. FAIL. However, I did win a blog competition where I won £1000 worth of tiles which are all stored in our utility waiting for our new bathroom renovation which is finally pencilled in for the end of January/February. I cannot WAIT.
  • Enjoy the time with the girls at home. DONE. The girls started nursery in September and have come on so much I would never believe they’ve only been there three months. We have had some lovely days out but I cannot believe school beckons next September. I will cry my eyes out!
  • Take a photography course. DONE. Yes I finally completed a photography course at Arley Arboretum in October and learned so much. I still am practising but am so glad I conquered my fear.
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My Monthly Bucket List – July Linky

Hi guys. Here is the place to link up your monthly bucket list. If this is your first time then you can see how it all works by seeing some old Monthly Bucket List posts here.

The list can be as personal or professional, short or long, achievable or dreamy as you like! There are no zero rules or pressure here.
Each month I’ll do a round up of what I can cross off my list as doing and what else I may want to add/ take off. It’s a great way to bounce other ideas off everyone else – and nab ones you hadn’t thought of. Sharing is caring people!

So why not join in? You’ll only ever have to do 12 posts in a whole year – easy peasy. This Linky will run on the last day of every month and will be open for 7 days afterwards. As with all other linkies – add your link & copy my badge to your post and hey presto!

I will comment and RT all posts so make sure you’re following me on Twitter. Grab the badge below for your posts and off you go.
Here is how I got on last month:

Enjoy our holiday.

We have been to Butlin’s and the kids absolutely loved it. If you fancy reading what we thought of Butlin’s here is my post.

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My 2016 Bucket List

Last year I did a 2015 bucket list and it’s been so great to look back and see how much I achieved. I thought I’d do another for the coming year

  1. Renovate our bathroom. Since moving in here in September I have loathed the bathroom. It is just grim. I hate spending anytime in there as its beyond dated. It has a toilet with a pull chain for crying out loud! We will be saving towards that as it is something we all so desperately want/need.
  2. Enjoy the time with the girls at home. They will be off to nursery every afternoon from September as they’ll be 3 in June and once they start, it feels like they’ve suddenly gained their own independence. It is going to be a huge huge wrench when they go as its been so full on and just me and them for such a long time so the whirlwind is all of a sudden going to stop. I feel very very sad about it all but don’t want them to miss out on nursery as it was so fantastic for Charlie, just for my own selfish desire!
  3. Take a photography course. This year has really made me realise how bad I am at taking photos. I did book on a course last year but it was cancelled and I never bothered to find an alternative.
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