Brother Max is a fabulous family company who helped us through our weaning days which now sadly seem a lifetime ago as we hurtle towards the terrible twos! They have such a massive range of products including highchairs, thermometers, night lights and of course weaning items.

If you are planning, starting or midway through weaning then this is the right giveaway for you. You have a chance to win a huge weaning bundle which is made up of:

  • Trainer Cup
  • Travel Spoons
  • Weaning Bowl Set
  • Catch-and Fold Bibs
  • Large Weaning Pots


The Trainer Cup has four stages from bottle to cup. With its easy-hold handle and soft silicone teat it makes for a smooth simple bottle transition. It has easy handles for small hands to learn to drink from a cup with the easy sipper ring.

The travel spoons are heat-sensitive and colour-changing, just great for home, travel & on-the go.

A Weaning Bowl Set – easy-hold handle and removable divider; Perfect for meals on-the-go as it has microwaveable vents in lid suitable for reheating food on-the-go. With wipe-edges for easy spooning & feeding and also mix & match lids with our snack pot bowl. It’s ideal for little ones to encourage self-feeding.

Catch-and Fold Bibs – 2 x waterproof lined cotton baby  bibs; one for now, one for later. They are flexible & have a removable crumb catcher. Rather awesomely it doubles as travel case for bib & cutlery! They are made of soft cotton with an easy-to-use side-opening velcro making it perfect for tidying away after a messy meal. The bibas are washing machine & tumble dryer safe – hoorah!!

Finally in the winning bundle are large weaning pots that flexible, easy push-through bases with leak-proof hinged lids. You can freeze, microwave & serve! The pots click together for easy filling with each pot provides one large 170ml portion. They can be placed in fridge or freezer and you pop out frozen food by using really clever, soft push-through bases or thaw/defrost and serve directly from the pot.

Sound good? Then enter the RaffleCopter below. UK entrants only. The prize will be sent directly from Brother Max. Please read full terms and conditions. 

Good luck

B x
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As you may remember, we have recently been selected as Britax Mumbassadors and as part of our role we are incredibly lucky to try some of the new products. For the last couple of weeks we have been trying out the Britax King II ATS (active tensioning system) car seat through its paces and this is what we thought about it:
Britax King II ATS Car Seat

Britax King II ATS Car Seat

The girls (and Panda) absolutely loved sitting in the seat!

The look of the seat:

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Today I thought I’d give you a little insight into our daily lives and I thought I would share with you all a very important person in our lives; so everyone please meet Panda.

Panda is P1s absolutely favourite thing in the WORLD! We first got Panda back in December 2013. We went on a crazed Ikea storage spree and as any parent knows you cannot go to Ikea with your children and not leave with some weird and wonderful teddies. We have rats, pigs, broccoli, sausage dogs, sheepdogs to name a few but there was something different about Panda.

She was absolutely besotted from the moment I handed it to her as she sat in her pushchair and the love has grown from there. Of course we got two pandas because we knew that if we got just one there would be a war so she actually has two as P2 never was all that fussed and luckily for us she doesn’t mind which Panda she has which is a rarity I know and every time we go to Ikea I always check there’s lots.

There must be something about Panda as my godson and my friends nephew both love them too! They are super soft and very cute so I can see why.

P1 has developed a massive love of pandas in general; for Valentine’s Day I had a huge panda teddy because she had spotted it in a card shop and didn’t seem to want to let it go (my husband is a pushover sometimes!) and my card too was a panda! She also loves the Cbeebies show Same Smile as that had three pandas in it – she’s engrossed!

It’s lovely that she has a favourite teddy and has from such a young age. Charlie had a baloo teddy my Mom got him before he was born that he still takes to bed now and as a child I had a sylvester the cat teddy that I took EVERYWHERE. He was an incredibly well travelled toy. It’s nice that she has something to soothe her and the fact that she doesn’t mind which one is a bonus as if God forbid we ever lost one I know we could replace and bed time wouldn’t be a screaming meltdown!

Does your little one have a favourite teddy or toy?

B xx

I have to start off by saying – we love Trunki! No holiday is complete without our Trunki suitcases which are very well travelled indeed! But we only have the actual cases so when we were given the chance to try out their ToddlePaks we were very very excited.

The incredibly generous folk at Trunki obviously knew how unwilling to share P1 and P2 are so kindly sent them each a set so Mommy was able to walk them by herself (!!!!) which was a feat in itself with two 20 month olds who are incredibly strong-willed. There are seven different designs to choose from but I opted for the orange monkey and red fox designs. These can be bought directly from the Trunki website and delivery is free.



So – what is a ToddlePak I hear you say? They are little reins that are suitable as training reins for your toddlers first steps or until you’re happy to let them roam (can’t see that happening anytime soon here!) free (recommended age is 6-48 months)

Now as a Mom of twins I will admit that I find it hard to take them both out on my own; they have a tendency to want to run in opposite directions and refuse to hold my hand as they want their own independence so reins seem a perfect solution to allow them to feel like they’re free and can do what they want when secretly I’m (literally) pulling the strings behind the scenes.

We decided to put the reins to the test on a family day out to Wonderland in Telford when my husband was there to help me out!! The girls absolutely loved the freedom and we found that we were able to ensure we could keep our eyes on them at all times. The strap was able to go over my wrist so they could walk easily and I didn’t feel like I was walking a dog!!

trunki toddlepak


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My girls are grazers. They would eat fruit and raisins all day if they could, they’re absolute little fruit bats. However, putting them in a high chair for snacks is a bit of a nightmare now they’re bigger and wanting to be more mobile. We also have to do the school run twice a day so they spend a lot of time in their car seats and pushchair so when they are peckish trying to give them food makes a LOT of mess. We had a new car on New Years Eve and my husband is still incredibly precious over it which means one thing – no eating! Sounds great on paper but sitting with two grumpy girls biding our time to avoid the wind and rain before going to the playground – show me the food!

So thank heavens for the awesome Oxo flippy snack cups. I know you can read reviews and think yeah yeah but honestly this is so simple yet SO useful – seriously kicking myself for not finding this sooner as my carpet would be a few stains lighter!

What We Reviewed

oxo flippy cup

Oxo Tots were incredibly generous and sent us a green and a raspberry cup. The recommended age is from 12 months plus.

What we thought

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