When you bring a brand new human into the world, everyone makes allowances for you. Forgetting to text back, not getting out of your PJs by midday, constantly looking like crap – it’s fine, you’ve got a newborn! If you are crazy enough to have twins, then people make HUGE allowances for your state of permanent zombie-fication and the fact you are barely coherent for the first year. But you see, as each year passes people’s sympathy wanes and I have found right now, that quite frankly no one gives a give that your three-year old doesn’t sleep.

We won’t sleep EVER

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As you may know, I am a Slimming World member. I am just 6lbs off target and for me, a main part of my diet is meat. Slimming World enables you to eat lean cuts of meat with a 5% of less fat content. I was thrilled when Muscle Food contacted me and offered me to review their New Year Lean meat selection hamper, and I am also giving one away at the bottom of this post.

Muscle Food stocks a huge variety of food products, not just hampers. They have launched a range of clean eating lunch meals that you simply need to pop in the microwave. There are also ranges of dairy products, seafood products and lots of sweet and savoury health snacks.

Muscle Food Lean Meat Hamper Review and Giveaway

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Three and a half. What a wonderful age. They are old enough to know what’s going on and interact. They’re out of nappies and whilst testing their independence, there’s nothing like running back to Mom and Dad. Days out are easier as you’re not loaded down with a changing bag and the kitchen sink to keep them occupied. Life on a whole seems that little bit easier. Unless you have a three year old diva.

Enter P1.

Let Them Scream! My Three Year Old Diva

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[Advertorial brought to you by C&G baby club]

Back in August I shared with you this post about what used to make my twins happy when they were babies. It is always so lovely to reminiscence about the early days when they are diddy, but now? I am surrounded by babies. Everywhere I look, everyone has got newborns. I am the only Mom at nursery without a pram but luckily I have lots of close friends who are pregnant or have just had little babies so I can get my baby fix.

I absolutely adore the baby stage; it’s such an amazing time where your baby is learning all about the world and the simplest things are by far the best. It’s crazy what can make a baby smile – from a shake of a rattle, to Daddy’s voice, to a story from big brother or as my youngest preferred a pretend sneeze! All these sounds can make baby grin like a Cheshire cat and in turn make you go all gooey too.

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Today I have an amazing doll bundle worth £100 to giveaway to one incredibly lucky Twinderelmo winner.

We have a Baby Annabell learns to walk doll AND a BABY born Interactive Happy Birthday doll up for grabs. This would be a perfect gift for any fan or if you have twins like me – one for them both!

For her 25th anniversary BABY born® comes dressed in a magnificent dress with intricate bow embellishment and a dainty tulle seam. Her animal friends accompany her in the form of a heart motif. Along with the accessories that help BABY born® with her nine functions, such as bottles, plates, potty and dummy, the little party planner brings along party supplies: four cake plates and four cups for fruity birthday tea. Please note – there are no batteries required.

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