Dearest Beyoncé.

You oh fabulous Beyoncé is having twins! Wowee! Congratulations and welcome to a rather elite club that many before me and many after you will join. Two babies at once; the celebrity world is going to going into meltdown with the biggest a-listed dropping two sprogs at ones. On the day Pharell Williams announced he’d just had triplets, I’m presuming this could mean in twenty years there’s going to be the ultimate super group of multiple babies to look forward to?!

Dearest Beyoncé...

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Tantrums are hard. Physically, emotionally and mentally for all involved. Charlie never really was one for a public meltdown but my girls seem more than happy to perform in public. With twins, the ratio of a public tantrum on any outing is definitely doubled meaning that it’s rare any day out doesn’t result in a momentous hissy fit over something incredibly trivial. We have had tantrums over putting a shoe on the wrong way, the wrong colour cup, unbuckling a belt and the main catalyst for any tantrum lately – having their hair brushed. Oh I am so evil daring to ask them to tame the mane but P1 will not let any hair brushing event go unnoticed.

Tears and Tantrums - It's Normal!

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Charlie is now 8 and he’s always loved his kip (unlike his monkey twin sisters!) but he’s now starting to want to stay up that little bit later like all his mates. With twin sisters, he always lucks out and ends up with the smallest room in the house. We always tell him that whilst it may be the smallest, he will always have a room all to himself; silver linings and all that. I am a huge fan of making the most of all spaces so in our last house, where his room was tiny, we bought him a cabin style bed from Ikea. This enabled him to have space underneath his bed to play. When we moved, I was six months pregnant with twins so we had to buy a lot of stuff on a budget so he ended up with a cheap mattress that wasn’t very thick and as he is growing, I knew he needed something more substantial to last him.

Getting A Good Night Sleep
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When you bring a brand new human into the world, everyone makes allowances for you. Forgetting to text back, not getting out of your PJs by midday, constantly looking like crap – it’s fine, you’ve got a newborn! If you are crazy enough to have twins, then people make HUGE allowances for your state of permanent zombie-fication and the fact you are barely coherent for the first year. But you see, as each year passes people’s sympathy wanes and I have found right now, that quite frankly no one gives a give that your three-year old doesn’t sleep.

We won’t sleep EVER

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As you may know, I am a Slimming World member. I am just 6lbs off target and for me, a main part of my diet is meat. Slimming World enables you to eat lean cuts of meat with a 5% of less fat content. I was thrilled when Muscle Food contacted me and offered me to review their New Year Lean meat selection hamper, and I am also giving one away at the bottom of this post.

Muscle Food stocks a huge variety of food products, not just hampers. They have launched a range of clean eating lunch meals that you simply need to pop in the microwave. There are also ranges of dairy products, seafood products and lots of sweet and savoury health snacks.

Muscle Food Lean Meat Hamper Review and Giveaway

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