Dearest Beyoncé…

Dearest Beyoncé.

You oh fabulous Beyoncé is having twins! Wowee! Congratulations and welcome to a rather elite club that many before me and many after you will join. Two babies at once; the celebrity world is going to going into meltdown with the biggest a-listed dropping two sprogs at ones. On the day Pharell Williams announced he’d just had triplets, I’m presuming this could mean in twenty years there’s going to be the ultimate super group of multiple babies to look forward to?!

Dearest Beyoncé...

Aside from the cute outfits, adorable photographs, heart melting moments – what is it REALLY like to have twins?

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Tears and Tantrums – It’s Normal!

Tantrums are hard. Physically, emotionally and mentally for all involved. Charlie never really was one for a public meltdown but my girls seem more than happy to perform in public. With twins, the ratio of a public tantrum on any outing is definitely doubled meaning that it’s rare any day out doesn’t result in a momentous hissy fit over something incredibly trivial. We have had tantrums over putting a shoe on the wrong way, the wrong colour cup, unbuckling a belt and the main catalyst for any tantrum lately – having their hair brushed. Oh I am so evil daring to ask them to tame the mane but P1 will not let any hair brushing event go unnoticed.

Tears and Tantrums - It's Normal!

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My Monthly Bucket List – February

January is FINALLY drawing to a close. It seems to drag on forever and seriously, why is January SO crap? I’m looking forward to lighter nights and the temperature warming up a bit as I’m so over wearing seven layers at a time.

So February, the month of lurvvvve is upon us. Do you celebrate Valentine’s? We do but everything seems to think it’s so naff nowadays. I love a bit of cheese and old style romance so let me be! Aside from this, what else do I want to achieve in February:

My Monthly Bucket List - February

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Homework for 3 Year Olds?

My girls came home Friday from nursery with a little bag containing a book with letters in, a pen and a laminated sheet with the alphabet on. They were so incredible excited and wanted to get home quickly to “do their homework” I had to pinch myself to remember they are 3 year olds!

Homework is a concept they’re very familiar with having an older brother. He is really good at getting it done (at the moment anyhow!) as it’s set on a Friday so he completes it over the weekend. Sometimes he has maths puzzles or other times there’s work on the computer. He always has spellings which he has to sit and practise. All in all, for an 8 year old he has a fair bit to do. I cast my mind back to him in nursery and he never really did much “practical learning” as such.

Homework for 3 Year Olds

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