Love: Parent Style! By Pink Pear Bear

Kicking off my week of love themed posts, is my lovely friend Louise from Pink Pear Bear. She is discussing love – parent style!

The lovely Beth asked me if I would write her something about love, which got me thinking. Every five minutes we are bombarded with adverts, magazine articles or billboards showing ‘love’, or at least an idealised version of it anyway.

Back when we were the romantic billboard couple…..ahahaha, ok maybe not quite but we did do the whole, one knee proposal, white wedding thing!
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A Day on the Farm – The Ordinary Moments

It’s February. In England. A day on the farm isn’t usually what I’d be typing, but when it’s just a fiver for all three of us to go then how could I not?! On Wednesday, I met my friend Sam & her little girl and we visited a local farm. I had somehow managed to get lost and rocked up half an hour late and despite it being freezing, drizzly, muddy and really grey the three girls absolutely loved it.

We saw owls, sheep, reindeer, chickens, geese, ponies, donkeys, a pretty peacock, pigs and some incredibly cute baby goats, which were incredibly cheeky. I know I keep saying it, but I really want to force myself to do more each week with the girls because school is creeping closer and closer and soon I won’t be able to take them so easily for days out when it’s lovely and quiet. Not only does it get us out the house, but they adore going on days out. Granted the weather is pretty crappy sometimes you have to pull on your big girls (thermal) pants and get out there.

 A Day on the Farm - The Ordinary Moments

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Being Strong – My Parenting Super Powers

As a parent, you can often find yourself focusing on what you may perceive as parenting fails; you fret over the days where you shouted a lot, gave them chicken nuggets and chips again, you didn’t clear your laundry basket or you were too shattered to play pretend doggies for the nineteenth time. It sometimes is easier to focus on the negatives then stop and celebrate your parenting wins. As parents you are on duty 24/7 from the second the word “positive” pops up on a pregnancy test. Even when you aren’t with them physically, your mind never stops.

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Getting Out The House – The Ordinary Moments

Last week, I was a bit of a rubbish Parent. The girls haven’t been sleeping well and in turn I’ve woken up exhausted every morning. I don’t do well on very little broken sleep so after the school run, most mornings have been spent flaked out on the sofa until nursery time. The housework crept up around me and I generally had no energy to do anything.

I was feeling very guilty come Friday about my lack of really achieving anything during the week. The ever present little voice on my shoulder seems to be counting down the days until September when my babies start school and the luxury of mornings together will be no more, forever more.

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