It’s 1st July. This means Charlie finishes his first year of school this month. Yes repeat – FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOL!

I can’t quite believe his reception year is drawing to a close and come September he will be in year 1. It’s amazing to see how much he has come on since left September – his writing, reading and especially maths has come on leaps and bounds and it still feels a tad surreal when he come home with spellings. My baby getting so big so quick!
To all those with little ones starting in September expect some big changes. 
1) they become ridiculously independent – they think they can take on the world & want to do everything themselves since they are big boys/girls being at school. This doesn’t however stretch to carrying their own bags. They’re regularly thrust at you at the end of the day whilst they run off to play. 
2) they pick up some “interesting” habits – for the first time you cannot manufacture friendships. You are not in charge anymore! Charlie has a vast array of friends. However there have been a few less than desirable traits come home including wanting an iPad like some kids have (!!!!!) to loud annoying minion noises. 
3) they get grumpy – very grumpy! It’s tough being with your mates for 6 hours a day with 3 breaks! No seriously their little brains go into overdrive and they first few & last weeks of every term they become grumpy little monsters. It’s good prep for teenagers I guess….!!
It’s a scary, exciting, surreal time them starting school but as a whole I quite like it all. There’s something lovely about waving them off of a morning and all the sports days, assemblies and school plays. Embrace it! It only happens once
B x
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InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath – REVIEW

I was lucky enough to be sent a complimentary bottle of InfaCare Night-Time Baby Bath from the lovely folks @infacarebaby and it’s a winner with us!

It comes in a huge 750ml bottle which is perfect for me with my twins! The bottle is a squeezy one – again a winner with me who hates waiting to tip out the last dregs of the bubble bath when it’s nearing the end
The product itself smells absolutely gorgeous! I have quite a fussy nose so some bubble baths seem too extreme for me but this smells so good I could eat it!! (I won’t – obvs!!)
The bottle bubbles up really well giving longevity too as there’s nothing worse than after a couple of minutes they all evaporate. 
As for the girls – when they came out the bath again they smell good enough to eat but not overpoweringly so. I was pleasantly surprised that it left their skin feeling soft too. A mandatory (and inevitable) part of bath time when bathing twins together is splashing and I’m happy to report no sore stinging red eyes. 
I definitely think that we have had our heads turned and at £2.99 for a huge bottle why not?!
B xx
DISCLAIMER – whilst I was sent this complimentary bottle free of charge all views & words are my own and have been done specifically for my blog. Thank you. 
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We Have A Walker!

Last Wednesday, P2 decided that her record of 3 steps was about to get smashed when she literally stood up & walked across the room – much to Charlie and I’s disbelief!!

Since then she’s starting to get quicker and steadier on her feet but she’s still liking crawling as she realises that’s still the fastest mode of transport
This huge occasion prompted us to hit another milestone – shoes!!
As with Charlie (and also mine and my sister!) the only place to get their first pair would be Clarks. So off we went on Saturday and both girls had their feet measured & were so good at doing so – and much to our surprise they were both the exact same size – 3F!
We decided to get them pre-walkers as they were slightly softer and as P2 isn’t likely to be walking on her own outside very much just yet they seemed perfect.
I’m very much a twin Mom who likes to dress them the same so people were a bit shocked when I got them completely different styles! However I have to say less than a week later I’m regretting the cream & white colour – I’ll learn eh?!
So here they are – my dollies first shoes. So proud!!

B xx


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My Girls At One

So the 7th June was a huge milestone in all of our lives – my girls turned one! 

Quite how I don’t know. The past 365 days have gone by in a flash. I don’t ever remember time going so fast when Charlie was a baby – maybe it’s because life is doubly as fast! 

Given the events of the last couple of months, we had a low key day where close family and friends came over and despite rain of biblical proportions we had a BBQ. It was lovely and can’t believe how many presents they got!
 The afternoon brightened up so they were able to go to the park to play with their cousins. So yes – we have officially survived the first year!!
Is it just mr though that thinks saying you have a one year old sounds SO incredibly different and grown up to saying you have an “x” month old?! Soon be drawing their pensions eh??!!
B xx
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Hi guys. Sorry for the long absence but if you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I sadly lost my Mom at the end of April

Lots of love to everyone who has been so supportive. Feel that get back blogging will help so watch this space 
B x
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