Baby Groups

When I had my first baby I was the first out of my friends to have a baby so I didn’t have any other Mom’s that I knew so I decided to go to baby groups. And I really enjoyed them – well most, some were ridiculously clique-y – but on the whole I liked going to allow Charlie time with other kids but also to get advice and help. Charlie has even started school with some kids we met at these groups so it was really nice to have some familiar faces.

So armed with positive experience I’ve taken the girls a few times. But this time round it’s rather different. For a start – I have two babies. This causes a lot of fuss and answering the same questions every week. I have to admit I’m totally used to being asked these same questions everyone I leave the house so I don’t mind it so much. The thing I’ve found the most interesting though is “first child syndrome”
I sat at one group and listened to one Mom tell a story with sheer horror that someone had suggested her 10 month old eat a chip & all the other Moms agreeing. It’s all very competitive too – mine is almost crawling, mine eats this much, mine sleeps forever. And then it hit me. God. I was like this with Charlie!
He was never going to eat anything that was bad for him, never watch tv, spoke really early… Fast forward 5 years. Uh oh. It’s mad how with your first child you are willing your child on to leap from milestone to milestone – this time I don’t even want P1 to roll over (p2 has already mastered it!)
I found myself sitting very quietly in the group and smiling to myself thinking that all the good intentions will slowly fade into the background. Try taking your 4 year old to a kids party and tell them they can’t eat the sweets from the party bag or the cake… Righto!
It’s mad how relaxed you are the second (and third) time around. I’ve come to realise that your child eating a chip or watching tv isn’t the worse thing in the world. After all – THEY ARE KIDS! Let them be kids and stop thinking they need to live by some baby expert who would have you believe sugar is the devil and kids tv will addle their brain. Just let them have fun!
B x
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To Share or Not To Share

 to share or not to share

Random question – do you freely give family and friends your blog link? Do you want those closest to you reading your personal thoughts and feelings?

What about acquaintances that you know but don’t -really- know? Is it weird that you could be standing in front of them and they’ve read your innermost personal thoughts?
I’ve had a locked twitter pretty much since I joined. Partially due to work and policies on social networking but also because twitter opposed to Facebook is somewhere where when you’re having a crap day – you can say it. And no one (hopefully!) will scrutinise and go and blab it to the world and its wife. It can be a daunting prospect and one me as a person isn’t all that sure of. I am quite a private person so I don’t like to overshare all that much so it’s hard to know what to do. I feel proud of my blog and that I have set it up myself. I hope it continues to be a place where I can use as an outlet and give me a hobby aside from “just being a Mom which I often feel like I am heading into,
Then we come onto photos. Are you comfortable with sharing snaps of your precious darlings with the world? My husband has point blank refused to put or let anyone share any on Facebook, so it’s a bit of an awkward situation. I am happy to share my beautiful babies but I guess everything that you put out there is open to scrutiny and judgement, not to mention being taken without consent. What a minefield hey?!
But what do you think – how have you chosen to do it?
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the whole matter. Let me know!
B x
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Bye Bye Boobies

 So it happened. I knew it wasn’t far off but it well and truly has. P1 refused my boob. So with a heavy heart I have to admit that It’s time to call time on my breast feeding days, forever. And I’m not quite sure how to feel about it if I’m honest.
 breastfeeding twins
I’d always wanted to give breastfeeding a go with my girlies and just see how we got on. When I told people I was planning on breast feeding twins, I may as well have had a third head – but the way I saw it – two babies – two boobs! Simple. My attitude to parenting this time round has been to try and be as flexible as possible and just go with the flow.
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Tesco Clubcard Exchange – bargain!

I only popped in Tesco to look for some Christmas plates with my Mom & ended up walking out laden with clothes and a whopping £30 off – just what a Mom wants 6 weeks before Christmas 

I’ve never done the Clubcard exchange so I annoyingly stood reading the signs of what to do but with £18 of vouchers stuffed at the back of my purse I let the moths fly free and took out £10 worth. This equalled to £20 to spent in clothing – and I loves free money!
Ended up buying everyone in the family stuff bar me but girls each had top & tutu set, DH had two tshirts and some loungey trousers & got Charlie boy two funky long sleeved tops
Then even better when I got to the till – spent over £50 and you get £10 off!! So a £64 shop weighed in at £34. 
Thank you Mr Tesco!
Ps- didn’t actually find the plates though. DOH!
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Kids Parties

So Charlie boy will be 5 in December. Quite how I don’t know. Being 5 is quite a big milestone as he’s now in his first year of school. And with the first year of school brings another thing – bigger classes and of course, he wants a party! 

Charlie’s first birthday consisted of a cake he dribbled and drooled all over at my Parents house so many moons ago. His second birthday we blew up a few balloons, had close family down and he was able to do a bit more ripping. And sitting in the cardboard boxes. His third birthday fell on a weekend so we hired the tiny church hall and invited family and my friends kids over so all in all about 6 kids there and cost next to nothing but he loved it! His fourth birthday was spent with me vomiting so much I could barely move (twin pregnancy!!) 
This year though he seems to “get” his birthday a lot more. In the last 12 months having been at nursery and built up a strong little circle of friends slowly but surely every birthday is marked by a party so this year I thought it was time we had a proper party. Cue political correctness and cherry picking a select few. 
It was recently in the news that a head teacher banned party invites being handed out unless the whole class went. I can see the logic but even as kids (and DEFINITELY as adults) surely there are people you don’t want to be there at your party. Charlie may only have been at school a month but already he’s decided who he does and does not like (and BOY does he make it clear who he doesn’t!!!) so there’s no way he would let me invite his whole class. And if I’m honest, I wouldn’t be able to afford to as he has friends that don’t go to his school that need inviting plus cousins etc
So we have written the “exclusive guest list” and next week he will be giving the invites out in the playground before school. Surely no one can grumble at him if he’s handing them out…right?!?!?
Actually. Think I think he can hand them out on the day DH drops him off

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